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5 On-Demand Lawn Care Services Platforms

The working professionals who outsource their grocery shopping, house cleaning, and carpooling duties don’t desire to spend their weekends doing lawn work. However, with a highly fragmented market that relies massively on neighbors telling them the right professional, it’s not always easy for new homeowners to assess, analyze, and finally get on-demand lawn care services companies for weekly services.

Only 12% of homeowners hire out for yard maintenance, according to industry research, although 47% wish to hire a landscaping professional for help. Many homeowners are either uncertain of who to hire or puzzle by all the choices.

Technology system providers understand they can be the channel to connect homeowners with lawn care providers, and they’re employing the same on-demand model as startups like Uber, Handy, and Instacart to make it possible.
Below are five examples of on-demand lawn care platforms that homeowners can try:

1. GreenPal: Affordable Costs for Lawn Services:

Residents who use GreenPal can get their lawns to care services on the same day they book the service. Homeowners “list” their on-demand lawn care tasks, and experts who’ve signed up with GreenPal bid to assign work. Homeowners can match bids and check the reviews of former clients. GreenPal also checks the background of the service providers in their area.
Once they’ve made a choice, homeowners can schedule the service and pay online or through their smartphones. GreenPal is currently open in more than six cities throughout the country.

2. Mowdo: Schedule Lawn Services Online:

Mowdo is an on-demand lawn care program that people can use to get instant quotes from landscaping professionals. Mowdo pairs clients with lawn care professionals who’ve experienced background checks, and it provides immediate costs, so people know the charges before accepting to a service.

Clients can register for one-time or repeated services using the on-demand platform. They can pay through their smartphones, and lawn cares professional reach at the destination. Mowdo has chosen within hours of scheduling. When a service completes, clients are encouraged to write online reviews.

3. Plowz & Mowz: One-click Systemization for Yard Care:

Plowz & Mowz designates them a “remote control for your lawn.” The company provides users with a method to schedule services with the touch of a few taps. When a homeowner sees his grass is getting long, he clicks “Schedule a Mow” on the Mowz app, and the company assigns the task to a service provider via a mechanized system.

The designated professional will reach and do the job, and Mowz will charge the user’s credit card when the on-demand lawn care services are completed. App also sends the user a photo of his mowed lawn for confirmation purposes. Homeowners can use Mowz to plan one-time or repeatedly weekly assistance.

4. LawnStarter: Personalized Quotes for Yard Care Services:

LawnStarter provides homeowners control over the costs and services they pay for hiring a yard care service. Users put their address and requested services into Lawn Starter’s user interface, and a personalized quote they’re provided with a personalized.

Standard yard care services with LawnStarter involve mowing, trimming, and blowing. They can verify the initial date, number of times you request for their services, and payment information online. Homeowners are then advised to write a review after each service through LawnStarter’s mobile app. LawnStarter guarantees that its service pros are entirely vetted and fulfill all insurance needs.

5. Lawnly: A flexible Yard Care Booking Platform:

Lawnly enables people’s lawns mowed in two or three days. The on-demand lawn mowing platform allows users to choose the services they’re interested in and when the work needs to be completed. Lawnly reports users when a service provider accepts the work and sends an automated reminder on the day of the service. Homeowners can also have the option to receive photos of their lawns once the job is completed. Users can pay for all services through Lawnly’s online platform.

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