Users will be notified of any scheduled deliveries, orders, ETA etc.

Providing On-Demand Delivery Services

 Automation through on-demand delivery services helps the businesses expand with no stress of timely deliverance to various locations.

The users can always rank and review services after availing it.

Contact Sales

Easy Booking

Providing On-Demand Delivery  Services

Requesting for deliveries are made easier through the online booking module.

Active Notifications.



Multiple advance modes of payments are provided to the users.

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Why Choose ODTAP?

With dependable options for payment along with the choice of providing feedback; the quality and reliability of our solution is enhanced. This makes customers stay.

Our solution offers secure backend with two types of web-dashboards, one is for service providers and the other is for the Super Admin which allows him to manage complete platform.

Customer Application

Users can book professional services using Customer app in a matter of seconds. Provide the details of the service, select the service provider and get the job done.

With the introduction of the option of tracking your service providers in the real-time ease your situations of wait and doubt. A customer can any time check the location on the map. 


Backoffice is facilitating users by providing payments, clearances, record preservation, monitoring compliance, accounting and IT services. Without confronting the clients directly. 

Provider Application


Simplifying the life of professional service providers by introducing provider app. Registered service providers receive service requests from nearby customers and earn money.

Real-time Tracking

Payments And Feedback

The delivery industry is linked to different businesses that involve supplying items to their customers at their specified locations. A fast supply on-demand service can be achieved using the on-demand delivery platform. Many industries need the delivery services that include food industry, e-commerce industries, shipping industries, postal companies etc. A long list of deliveries is scheduled for each day of the week. Manual functioning is hectic, non-reliable and delayed. On-demand delivery system, on the other hand, takes the responsibility of the users that involves dispatching and delivering the orders to the destinations. All the deliveries can be tracked and records are maintained to avoid any misplacements.

Delivery Services and the On-Demand Industry

Technologies Used in Our On-Demand Delivery Services Platform



Frontend Web


Swipe-able Slider with Swipe.js -

User-Friendly Menu

User can choose from available options of goods they want to be delivered.

Options with Prices

All the related options within a category are displayed with their prices.

Digital Invoice

Users are provided with the ease of viewing instant details of the invoice.

Rapid Confirmation

Users get a quick reply related to the delivery confirmation.



Web Services


What Delivery Services App Offers?

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