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City of the future

Amazon’s sustainable city of the future

In the tech-savvy, consumer-centric world of today, technology giants like Amazon have completely revolutionized the IT industry. Amazon started as an online bookselling store in 1994, but Bezos soon realized that to grow he had to act big and fast. Making a mark in many diverse fields, today, Amazon has become a one-stop-shop along with numerous future city predictions and with ambitions focused on providing faster on-demand solutions for their customers.

With the current world dynamics, online shopping is becoming a new norm for us, therefore, competition in the e-commerce sector is swelling. Cyber shopping has its perks but to avail its benefits to the fullest we need a better, digitized world with on-demand delivery of goods and services being made available to our customers in the least possible amount of time.

This article will discuss how Amazon is revolutionizing the world as we know it, the challenges it is facing and its future plans.

‘Amazon’ – The Road towards Evolution

A company that started only 25 years ago, is sitting at the heart of the online retail business today by providing a unique customer experience. They believe that a customer is always looking for someone who offers them a better service and that’s the challenge they are willing to take up every day hence Bezos considers every day as day 1 at Amazon. He thinks that this is the perfect recipe to stay at the top of the game.

According to Jeff Bezos,

Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.

Now, let’s explore how one of the most innovative companies in the world is captivating millions of people with their tech developments, the future city background and how they are looking to further them by providing lower rates, faster shipping and an easy shopping experience for their customers:

  • Prime Air
  • Still, in its evolution phase, this feature is focused on delivering customer orders in just 30 minutes with the help of drones. Yes, drones! By April 2020, it was still not do-able and it may seem too far-fetched now but the company has its centers up and running to make it happen soon.

  • One-Click Ordering- The Dash Button
  • These unique buttons are available for some major brands where the customer can just click a button to place an order without the hassle of filling out multiple forms – a super easy and quick way to place orders.

  • Alexa
  • Another unique development is Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa, a voice-responding device, that will be taking care of simple household chores for people. A complete digitized smart household is what Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, is hoping our future homes will look like.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Amazon even has its web services to efficiently run its applications on. Research tells that 56% of their total profit comes from AWS.

The City of the Future

With Alexa, self-flying drones, humongous fulfillment centers and it’s very own airline, Amazon is not coming slow. Soon, we will be living in a world filled with gadgets made by Amazon. The company is now looking to shift its headquarters downtown where drones can easily fly around delivering people’s orders at their doors thus making on-demand delivery of goods and services swift.

Let’s glance into what Amazon’s ‘city of the future’ will look like a few years from now. It has three patented ideas:

  • The flying warehouse
  • The first patented idea is a flying warehouse that can deliver your order within 30 minutes by dispatching a drone from its mobile warehouse hovering, closeby. The advantage this will have over a ground-based warehouse is that the drone can drift most of the way due to the effect of gravity and will only make use of its spinning propellers when maneuvering directly towards the delivery location. This will save lots of substantial energy, unlike ground-based stations where the propellers will have to function continuously so that the drones stay aloft.

  • Street lights with docking stations
  • The second patented idea of flying drones was introduced by Amazon two years ago but due to various administrative issues, it hasn’t been implemented yet. The vision behind this idea is that they will be using street lights as docking stations to refuel their drones. These stations can also act as delivery spots and provide navigational information so the drones can safely reach their final destination. During unforeseen weather conditions, they can also provide shelter to the drones.

  • The beehive
  • The third patented idea is a beehive, to accommodate the drone delivery program. The previous fulfillment centers are located in large areas that are outside the main cities. Hence, the drones will have to travel a large distance to reach their destinations in time. To cater to this, they intend on shifting to areas that are densely populated to make deliveries more efficient. The beehive structure is a multi-story building built vertically for easier navigation of drones. Due to their height, these drones can easily steer downwards thus avoiding any mishaps along the way. Amazon is also thinking of constructing drones with multiple rotors and motors so that if one fails the other starts functioning.

The challenges

With Amazon being one of the biggest companies in the world and having its tentacles in a wide range of industries, politicians and high-powered officials will likely be raising questions on how a company that is only a few years old now dominates the whole world and is planning to further alter the trends of the current market with its plans. Given below are some of the key challenges that the company is facing right now:

  • Drone Delivery Trust Issues
  • Delivery distances for drones is a challenge since fulfillment centers are located outside the cities. Also, people think that drones flying close to their residential areas is a threat to their privacy. Another concern is the noise that the drone tower will make which will disrupt the peace in their area. Amazon is looking into ways to solve these issues by using customized motor/rotor designs with sound damping facilities.

  • Third-Party Sellers
  • A large network of sellers is a plus for a retail company but also aids in an increased number of risks if the sellers are fake or deliver unsafe products, making use of a well-reputed company like Amazon as their platform. Also, for the most part, they have not been able to successfully filter through these fake products which mostly originate from China. These complexities can damage the repute of Amazon which is one of the most trusted tech companies, nowadays.

  • In-house Logistics
  • Research tells that a large proportion of Amazon’s logistics is delivering their packages which has increased to 48% from 15% in two years but this has impacted negatively by resulting in late deliveries. In 2017, an average of 4.6% of items was delivered late which increased to 16.6% by 2019. Amazon needs to polish its in-house logistics by making use of a more slower and planned approach.

Moving Ahead

Nowadays, technology is dominating every business be it public or private. People are adapting to new tech devices that provide an easier, faster and reliable mode of exchange between goods and services. Hence, the word on-demand has been gaining significant popularity and companies are trying to deliver these services at an even faster pace.

When we look into the city of the future that the e-commerce giant, Amazon, has envisioned we will realize that they are setting completely new standards to satisfy their consumers. This gives us a peek into how will future cities look like and who our future competitors will be. If you are looking to compete with these high-tech companies, now is the right time to get started.

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