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Best Real Estate Software

The Attributes of Best Real Estate Software

Real estate industry is expanding substantially every year. US Census Bureau reports 673,000 were houses sold by the end of April 2019. Although the industry was growing a decade back as well, yet one noticeable difference is that of technology incorporation. Brokers and marketplaces are using software technologies to win clients and the results are remarkable.

With a massive number of software systems available in the market, it would be tough to rate one above the other. However, this article reveals why ODTap on-demand platform is the best real estate software.

Real Estate Listings Tailored to User Needs

While integrating a range of features, the developers should ensure to stick around the primary aim of such software systems. Real estate listing software app should facilitate users in listing the properties which are more relevant to their needs. For instance, an app showing $500,000 property to a user whose budget is between $100,000 and $200,000 is poorly planned software.

The real estate companies using ODTap software are providing their users with the ability to have search results tailored to their requirements. This intelligent software asks for users’ interest and bases the search results on those interests. Moreover, the AI-powered suggestions facilitate users in the process of shortlisting.

AR-Powered Virtual Tour

In a recent survey, Realtor reveals that buyers visit 10 homes in 10 weeks on average before buying one of them. This number does not include the ones who do not purchase a house in a year even after visiting many houses. It is undeniably challenging to visit one house on sale to another before making the decision to buy one.

The advent and enhancement of augmented reality technology in the recent times ensure that potential buyers do not have to visit each house in-person. Instead, they can have a virtual tour using AR features in real estate apps. Virtual tour software for real estate provides a 360¬o view of a location. Moreover, seller can add details to each section of the house which appears on AR observers’ screen as they advance ahead.

It is undeniable that in-person visit is crucial to make final decision. However, AR technology assists in narrowing down the number of choices without stepping out of one’s home.

In-app Communication and Consultancy Payments

The app should provide the ability of instant communication between buyers and sellers. This communication facility should be available on top of the app. In essence, the buyers should be able to text or call the sellers and return to the same page space from where they left.

Many users seek the services of third party brokers to ensure a successful deal. Thus, the app should have the ability to pay consultancy fee via credit card.

The success of distributed ledger is attracting real estate industry leaders to transform the business infrastructure into Blockchain technology. The foundation of Blockchain rests on its cryptographic abilities which make it immutable. Moreover, each stakeholder is able to view the transaction records but none of them can modify it – unlike centralized database systems. Blockchain also provides features of smart contracts which eliminate the need of third party brokers.

Real Estate CRM for Automated Management

The top real estate marketplaces receive thousands of inquiries every day. Although many inquiries are resolved by sellers, yet still thousands of them have to be responded by marketplace agents. It is unwise to put agents under excessive workload when software systems are capable of doing such tasks. Besides the higher probability of error, human workforce also increases the operational costs.

Robotic process automation (RPA) ensures automated scheduling of tasks including email marketing, automated responses by chatbots, reminders about appointments, and estimated prices of properties in a region. An effective RPA solution is also responsible for transactions and lead generation. The ODTap real estate platform offers automation in entire funnel of marketing and sales.

Furthermore, the real estate broker software also provides third party app integration. This flexibility allows the system to leverage from other top tools as well.

Real Estate Accounts Managements

Every company needs to have an extensive management system for enterprise resource planning. Apart from other resource management features, ODTap platform offers cloud-based cash flow management. Instead of using multiple tools for cash flow, customer credit profiles, and payment gateways, ODTap provides an integrated system with all of these features.

Although the interface and user experience are remarkable, yet the platform also carries documentation to tackle challenges. Investors, real estate brokers, buyers, and sellers can separate their business expenses from personal ones. They can track and verify deposits and accept rental payments through this system.

ODTap brings incredible clarity to business by providing insightful dashboards. You attain higher visibility to identify areas which are consuming more costs than usual. Besides, you can also highlight the business sections which require more budget allocation.

Get Ahead

Are you a real estate agent or an investor aiming to achieve significantly more with technology? We will take the challenge of real estate app development for you. The app will bring a remarkable reduction in expenditure while the revenue would expand substantially. Contact us today so that we can build the best real estate software together.

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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