Beauty and Wellness

Beauty, Styling and Wellness industry is huge and why wouldn’t it be, everybody likes to look good and take care of oneself. First of all, finding a good professional stylist or beautician is a real pain and even though you get to know about a salon where true professionals provide awesome services, we all know how hard it is to get an appointment and everybody wants to avoid that irritating and time-consuming moments at the salon till you are called for the treatment.

Technology solved this problem as well, by allowing customers to book beauty and wellness services from their mobile phones using hair styler app, makeup artist app, manicure app etc. Now there are quite a few on-demand makeup artist app, beauty and wellness services platforms, which acts like a bridge between the beauty professionals (no matter they are from a salon or an individual) and customers looking for quick and professional beauty, wellness services.

Any on-demand beauty makeup like Uber, beautician app like Uber, professional makeup app or wellness services platform can work in two different scenarios. First scenario can be like: Customer selects the service type (makeup, blowout, haircut, manicure, pedicure etc.), date, time and location etc. The request will go to the nearest available service provider appropriate for the job and if he/she accepts it then the professional will have to arrive at the customer’s selected service location with all the required equipment and then provide the service to get paid.

The other way to do it is: Customer simply books an appointment with a professional makeup artist, hairstylist etc. and then go to the service provider’s place / salon at the time of the appointment and get the service done. Once the service is provided the customer can simply pay the service provider and then both can rate and post a review for each other. No matter which part of the world you choose as your target market for launching an on-demand beauty and wellness services platform, the response to it will always be good provided that a stable, user-friendly application is given in the hands of the end users (customers, beauty and wellness service providers).

The target audience of such platforms is so huge that the risk involved in minimized but to make a platform successful a few things need to be ensured right from the start which include: a strong business model, good marketing strategy and a high-quality platform which offers the best user experience (UX). Glamsquad is a really good example of how a real time on demand beauty and wellness services platform should run. Simple, elegant and smooth UI with a good UX makes it very user friendly and customers feel at ease while using the application.

In 2014, Glamsquad’s co-founder and CEO Alexandra Wilkis Wilson rose $7 million in Series-A funding and since then this platform has been growing leaps and bounds. Other competitive platforms similar to Glamsquad have also proved that this is rapidly growing industry with lots of potential, other similar platforms include STYLEBEE, THEGLAMAPP, PRIV. This industry will grow more and more and its high time to invest in this industry and have the best quality platform developed for on demand beauty services.

OD TAP is the perfect base solution to have a strong, stable, high quality and real time on demand beauty services platform developed. The abovementioned platforms are great no doubt and they are doing pretty well in the market but we can help you in launching an even better platform in terms of UI/UX Design, Real Time Platform Development (real time communication, real time tracking, real time payments).

We can even help you in finalizing the most suitable business model which will surely help you generate great amount of revenues right from the start and together we will plan the best marketing strategy as well based on your target market. On-demand beauty services platforms are in demand, we can help you create the best platform and applications such as teacher apps, pet care apps, massage app like Uber etc, so what are you waiting for? Contact us to know more about our solution and be the proud owner of the next, most successful platform in the beauty and wellness industry.