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ODTap has developed winning on-demand applications and platforms to equip the service industry to provide Uber-like offerings.

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These blogs are written by our expert business analysts who understand the on demand economy very well

Internet-of-things technology is around for over a decade but its widespread impact is beginning to appear now. Almost every industry is incorporating innovations relating to this technology and their associated mobile apps. However, IoT in logistics provides the most notable use cases. IoT Applications in logistics IoT has a wide-ranging application in the delivery and

In an era where taxi picks up the passengers and agents deliver food at their doorstep by only a few taps on smartphone, it is unreasonable to think of brick and mortar beauty salons. This is not only an opinion but also a widespread belief. The consumers want at-home services through on-demand beauty

The current decade has seen the establishment of dozens of successful on-demand startups. Each of these businesses provides the case studies for aspirants to launch their own startups. Many investors failed to form a sustainable startup. Careful implementation of on-demand business model was the key for the successful ones. ODTap carries the privilege

One must be hibernating for a decade to not know about the on-demand boom. This phenomenon is disrupting almost everything in its way and transforming businesses into a highly-efficient revenue engine. Did someone tell you that starting a business in the current era takes only an efficiently-built on-demand mobile app? What are on-demand

The evolution of healthcare industry with technology is not limited to equipment and smart machines. The innovations are also enabling the industry to introduce on-demand health services. Consequently, the analysts predict the digital health market value to reach a massive $206 billion by 2020. Many healthcare businesses are transforming their enterprise architecture to incorporate