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ODTap has developed winning on-demand applications and platforms to equip the service industry to provide Uber-like offerings.

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These blogs are written by our expert business analysts who understand the on demand economy very well

Marketplaces, despite being around for over 25 years now, continue to be one of the most attractive avenues for entrepreneurs. A wide array of industries has emerged during this period but marketplaces are far from obsoleting. The business models though are immensely diverse today compared to those in in late nineties when these

Digital technologies have disrupted every industry. The impact varies from one industry to another. However, it is undeniable to conclude that real estate industry is one of the biggest stakeholders with remarkable developments. National Association of Realtors reports 48% brokers being unable to keep up with the pace of technology transformation. Nevertheless, ODTap

The technological development particularly in the past two decades is enabling logistics industry to continually evolve. Logistics, supply chain, and parcel delivery are at the forefront of tech adoption. History reveals that the companies which fail to adopt latest trends in logistics cease to exist because competitors outperform them. Although technology brings a range

On-demand economy is the reason for emergence of a number of startup unicorns all over the world. However, it is unfortunate that this very economy is also the reason of a large number of startup failures. The researchers at ODTap find that inefficient marketing approaches make up one of the top reasons for

On-demand apps make larger user penetration by ensuring to facilitate them far more than traditional services. However, businesses often struggle to attract and retain customers due to inefficiencies in providing sufficient user experience. There are multiple factors which affect the experience of users while using mobile on-demand services. Following are the topmost factors that