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ODTap has developed winning on-demand applications and platforms to equip the service industry to provide Uber-like offerings.

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These blogs are written by our expert business analysts who understand the on demand economy very well

Uber has become a household word to refer to on-demand businesses. However, the use cases of Uber differ from many other on-demand industries. One of these highly anticipated industries is on-demand car rental services. Like many other sectors, traditional car rental industry is on the verge of disruption. All major rental companies have evolved

Uber, Grubhub, Postmates, and a bunch of other names hit our minds every time we hear the phrase “on-demand”. Taxi, logistics, and food delivery industries have entirely evolved into their on-demand business counterparts. Beauty and home services are also depicting impressive gains. In the presence of these topline businesses, many other on-demand sectors are

The potential of on-demand economy reflects the fact that 22.4 million consumers are adopting on-demand models. It is unwise to treat on-demand services as a single industry. Instead, it is an entire ecosystem with at least 10 distinct industries. Moreover, each industry has subcategories as well. Thus, the appropriate approach would be picking

The giant startups existing for over a decade are the ones mostly remaining in the news. They engulf the success of relatively recent on-demand startups. However, the latter ones deserve more media coverage for their sustainability in industries largely ruled by the big guns. Many startups in the US and beyond are making rounds

The success of ride-hailing and delivery industry encouraged entrepreneurs to explore other industries too. The on-demand industry penetrated into consumers’ homes offering replacements to traditional home chores. Consequently, apps like Uber for home services are emerging with a number of subcategories. It entirely relies on your business model if you would like to offer