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Uber for Home Services

Business with On-demand App like Uber for Home Services

The success of ride-hailing and delivery industry encouraged entrepreneurs to explore other industries too. The on-demand industry penetrated into consumers’ homes offering replacements to traditional home chores. Consequently, apps like Uber for home services are emerging with a number of subcategories.

It entirely relies on your business model if you would like to offer multiple services or one of them. Both approaches are effective provided that the app is free of flaws. You must ensure that users can comfortably use the app and achieve the intended objective for which they preferred your app over others.

Your app can offer one or more of following home services

Uber for House Cleaning

The demand for Home cleaning including lawn care is relentlessly increasing. However, on-demand home services are very few in number to cater the excessive demand. The existing businesses in this area are earning big time because customers rarely have an alternate option.

Tody and Handy are two of the most used house cleaning services. There are other similar services as well available to customers, but the apps are not effective enough. Thus, your penetration into home services market would be relatively easier than other, for instance, taxi and delivery industry.

Uber for Laundry

Most of the on-demand laundry services are not home-based. Instead, they pick the items from the customer’s place of choice and drop them back after wash. However, they are mostly categorized as a home service.

ODTap separately classifies laundry service because this sector has evolved into an entire industry over time. Now, the on-demand laundry industry is almost as big as home services. There are businesses like Dryv and Cleanly which possess the potential to become startup unicorns of this sector.

On-demand Tech Troubleshooting

Consumers are unable to keep up with the pace of technological development. There are frequently occurring instances where homeowners fail to understand the technical details of appliances, devices, and software systems.

Although user manuals accompany every hardware and software system, yet surveys confirm that majority of population faces trouble using them. One would rarely take risks by fixing expensive devices without appropriate knowledge on subject matter. Thus, the demand for tech troubleshooters is gaining great momentum.

The startups dedicated to on-demand tech support and troubleshooting are extremely rare. Any effort in this regard would generate remarkable revenue regardless of area of operation.

Design and Construction Services

Until a few years, on-demand construction startups struggled to sustain because homeowners would not trust such services. The consumers feared scams and mostly opted not to hire an on-demand constructor and architect.

However, there is a drastic change in perceptions over the past couple of years. The changes in consumer behavior follow from the fact that on-demand service providers are acquiring licenses to prove their legitimacy. Although homeowners may still be reluctant to award large-scale projects, yet most of them are willing to acquire services for small-scale construction tasks.

Uber for Nannies

The concept of hiring babysitters and nannies is around for centuries. In a traditional setting, the service provider charges on a monthly or weekly basis. The price remains fixed regardless of the number of services.

On-demand babysitting is different because it offers varying payment criteria. Like Uber, customers pay only for a predefined set of services.

One challenge usually faced by on-demand service providers is the chicken and egg problem. Business owners are uncertain if they should hire a service agent or generate a customer lead first. Nevertheless, you can overcome this challenge by providing a promotional offer which makes parents reacquire services.

To build trust with customers, some startups offer live video streaming. Thus, parents remain in contact with children and caregivers in real-time. Trusted Child Care and Los Angeles based Helpr are two of the emerging babysitter scheduling apps.

Relocation and Interior Décor

Cost efficiency on both customer’s and provider’s ends is one of the top reasons for gig economy success. Hiring an interior decoration agency is highly expensive for homeowners. Moving to another house is also intensely costly.

The reason for excessive charges is the fact that traditional service providers have to cover their costs as well. On-demand services provide an appropriate alternative. The providers outsource the tasks if they have insufficient tools. This outsourcing prevents excessive charges.

House Painting and Repairing Services

Your neighbor might be good at fixing sanitary and electric problems. However, such individuals occur rarely. People choose to repair electricity supply themselves due to high charges from providers.

The consumer behavior is different in areas where on-demand repair services are available. Homeowners tend to acquire services if the costs appear reasonable to them.

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Approaches to Providing Successful On-demand Home Services

On-demand businesses utilize various approaches to ensure effective services without leaking much money. Following a couple of trends rule the most.

Home Services Marketplace

Earning a few extra bucks in little time is always a treat for working class. The introduction of gig economy by on-demand industry is enabling this feat. People are on the look to find short term work. Any app offering home services marketplace would connect consumers seeking services with aspiring workers.

Crowdsourcing is also a term used for this kind of employment model. For instance, Hitch and PiggyBee are crowdsourcing delivery companies. They allow users to earn money in return for delivering a parcel to a customer. A similar model can also work wonders in an app like Uber for home services.

Fulltime Employment

Fulltime as well as part-time jobs are also effective but on a limited scale. It is advisable for on-demand startups to keep a group of full-time employees as well to dispatch them in times when freelance individuals are unavailable.

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