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Video on-demand platform providers

Choosing the Appropriate Video On-demand Platform Providers

Video on-demand services are growing at a lightning fast rate. One of the previous articles shares the market analysis for VoD and the reasons which are leading to an incredible growth. It also shares the most profitable VoD services. This article emphasizes on factors that business owners should consider while choosing video on-demand platform providers.

Following factors are most crucial while choosing video on-demand platform providers.

VoD Models

The top companies providing streaming services offer a number of models. Subscription on-demand is the most popular and fastest growing one. This model is the base for monetization of services like Netflix and Hulu. The users can watch the broadcasted programs at the time of their choice for a monthly or weekly flat price rate.

While subscription is the most popular, advertisement-supported VoD and transaction VoD are other models which are crucial too for monetization. You may not start offering all of these models at once in the beginning. However, you must ensure a room for scalability so that these models can be added at some point in the future.

Device Support

The providers should ensure that video on-demand software runs flawlessly on every device. The apps should integrate seamlessly with notable operating systems. It should also render excellent quality regardless of the screen size. As a streaming services provider, you must acknowledge the fact that your viewers will be watching on a range of screen sizes including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and televisions.

Each of these devices uses different approach for streaming videos. Many service providers face compatibility problems while playing videos on some devices. It is true that compatibility with every device is impractical because some of the low-cost devices have intrinsic problems. However, you need to ensure that at least 95% of the potential consumers get an immaculate user experience.

Content Delivery Network

You might be starting to provide the service in only a small region. However, there must be a plan in place which enables you to scale-up over the time by offering services in more regions. When companies started to offer video on-demand solutions, they did not have the requisite technology to scale-up business because servers had limitations.

A content delivery network enables you to expand consumer outreach by delivering services through a locally available server. Thus, instead of distributing the content from single centralized location, CDN ensures that various regions have separate CDNs. This ability prevents network bottlenecks and provides a smooth experience to consumers.

Cloud Infrastructure

Selection of cloud infrastructure is also significant because, besides CDN, it also plays a crucial role in eliminating downtime. The decision to choose infrastructure rests on multiple factors including the number of current users, forecasted growth rate, and the times in which the demand remains highest among others. Software of VoD should integrate with infrastructures provided by all notable cloud providers including Amazon and Microsoft.

Test ODTap VoD Platform

We understand the pains of entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in VoD industry. Your fear of failure due to inefficient technology is totally legitimate considering the volume of frauds. Thus, as video on-demand platform providers, we offer our customers to test our on-demand platform before incorporating it into their businesses. Contact us today to test our VoD software system.

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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