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Contributing to Biodiversity with Mobile Book Business

It is immensely unwise to disregard climate change despite witnessing its impact on temperature of earth. Global warming is not the only outcome. The drastic reduction in flora and fauna of various regions is another significant concern. While everyone can contribute to the activities to mitigate the effect, entrepreneurs can also earn profits in the process by investing in book mobile app.

One of the primary causes of climate change is the severe rate of diminishing forests. In 2017 alone, the earth lost over 73 million acres of forest coverage. With the current rate, the world will lose a forest cover up to 3 million square kilometers by 2050. This deforestation rate will give rise to global temperatures between 2.9oC and 3.4oC.

The inhabitants of earth will not only experience the temperature hike but a staggering rate of falling businesses too. Governments will have to place strict regulations sooner or later. Paper industry will be one of the chief victims because paper requires light wood.

“Climate change increasingly poses one of the biggest long-term threats to investments.”

(Christiana Figueres, Former Secretary UNFCCC)

With the contemporary technologies, investors, as well as established book businesspersons, should start toward sustainable businesses. The smartphone revolution is transforming every industry. It is a matter of time before it disrupts the paper book business too. Thus, an investment in mobile app for book at the current stage will enable the investor to become one of the pioneers in this business.

Entrepreneurs can nurture remarkable profits through ebook mobile app.

Consequently, they can own a flourishing business besides enjoying a significant reputation for ensuring environmental sustainability.

Prevention of tree-cutting

Paper and pulp industry consume as high as 42% of the total trees cut down annually. In other words, the deforestation can be reduced by over 30% by saving the trees used for book publishing sector. The concerns of deforestation are not confined to administrative units. Majority of common citizens also demonstrate strong concern.

The masses and governments will welcome any step toward prevention of forest reduction. Such an initiative also carries a significant probability to gain official sponsorship. The investor can gather public funding too. Although a proportion of books should remain in the published form, yet at least 80% of the share should comprise ebook form.

Avoiding Maintenance of Book Stores

In the presence of mobile apps, little need remains for keeping bookstores. While Stores require space, maintenance of shelves, catalog, and customer records, mobile app eliminates each of these expenses. All entrepreneurs require is to develop an app with appropriate features and efficiency.

Apart from cost-effectiveness, it may also carry the feature of audible books app. Thus, a reader may continue listening to the book while reading is not possible. For instance, one can listen to the content of book during driving or commuting.

With the penetration of smart technology in civilization, the stores will continue to deplete. The expenses of running a bookstore will increase as administrations are placing stringent regulatory frameworks.

Remote Access of Books for Readers

Readers often regret the unavailability of a book at every nearby bookstore. Importing a book from far-off places increases the price significantly.

Contrarily, one can acquire ebooks from anywhere in the world with internet access. Smartphones can also redefine the concept of renting from stores or issuing from libraries. Many readers forget the deadline and end-up paying the penalty. Book mobile app can provide the ability to remind the readers. Once the deadline passes, such software would deny the access to content.

The statistics depicting attraction toward a digital platform for books justify the development of ebook app. In the US, 20% of readers prefer ebook over hard published ones. This percentage is increasing fast as another 23% reveal that they read ebooks and hard copies and almost equal proportions.

Saving the Publishing and Editing Costs

The publishers spend massive amounts on hard publishing. Moreover, book retailers have to purchase expensive books to earn considerably small profits. The spelling mistakes or erroneous figures are common in primary versions. Editing for correcting the mistakes require republishing. Thus, these costs reflect in expenditures of buyers as well as retailers and publishers.

Book mobile app ensures elimination of each of these publishing and editing expenditures. Digital word processing software systems enable the authorized personnel to quickly edit the erroneous section.

Preserving archaic documents

Archeologists and anthropologists exhibit apprehension regarding the vulnerability of thousands of transcripts from ancient and medieval periods. Museums and libraries have to allocate a massive budget to preserve these records in cold storage. These documents are unavailable to anyone except the privileged ones having access.

The governments can save a significant chunk of the budget by transforming the writings into digital form. They can also enable citizens to read these documents without traveling to specific regions. Many readers wish to read ancient texts. However, they cannot access it. Therefore, book mobile app business serves noble causes apart from generating sizable revenues.

Saving the Recycling Costs

Recycling is undeniably a favorable practice to reuse the material. However, the publishing companies can save the amount on paper recycling by avoiding using them. Instead, ebook mobile application development can allow readers to save thousands of books in their mobile phones.

An average smartphone can keep as many books at a time as a medium-scale library. Thus, book mobile app is a highly efficient solution which does not only save costs but save space and reduce deforestation too.

Keep the Ball Rolling

Absence of pragmatic approach is one of the chief reasons which hold entrepreneurs from flourishing. Most of them are able to find ideas, but only the incisive ones step ahead to implement those ideas at the right time. Investing in mobile apps business carries the least risk because the investment is relatively smaller. However, the gains are significant as evident from the on-demand industry. Most of the emerging businesses listed by top rating firms are mobile-based.

What is holding you from investing in a unique idea? Share your concern or start developing with us right now.

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