Device Repair and Tech Support

The number of smartphone users around the world is expected to go beyond 2.1 billion in the year 2017 and the forecast is that it will touch 2.32 billion in 2018. The number of laptop, desktop computer and other gadget users is also huge, now imagine how many people out of the ones interacting with all these tech gadgets need tech support every day, a huge number of people drop their smart phones by mistake and the screen is cracked, similarly these smartphone, laptops, desktop computers etc. give a million other problems, after all its just a machine and the owners have to experience different problems. Whenever our device(s) give us problems, our first thought is to get it fixed instead of buying a new device because we want to save our money. To get these tech gadgets fixed and repaired in case of damage or malfunction we try to find a professional who knows the device well and is a professional who could detect the problem and fix it asap.

Mobile apps has provided the customers with an option to hire a professional technician and get their devices fixed at home, this saves the customers from all the hassle of searching for a tech professional and then taking the device to their shop and then waiting for a long time to get the fixed device back, still the unreliability factor is there, but a technician app like Uber for on demand device repairing and tech support services platforms allow the customers to provide the details of the device, describe what they want to be fixed in their device (in case they are aware of the fault), select service location, time and then generate the request. The request is received by a professional and fully background checked technician who then arrives at the service location at the scheduled time with complete equipment that is required to make the repair of that particular device. The technician then examines the device and finds the fault once the fault is found the technician fixes it right then and there by using a mobile technician app, laptop technician app, computer technician app. How convenient is that?

Customer doesn’t have to worry about anything, the device is fully secure as it is checked right in front of the customer so the technician cannot get into the customer’s saved data on the device or do anything else of that sort. When under competitive pricing, secure and professional services are offered at home then who would want to search for a technician that could fix devices and go to their shop, as now there are multiple technician app solution such as IT technician app solution, mobile technician app solution, computer technician app solution. This is the reason why this industry has moved on so quickly. iCracked is doing pretty well in this industry, and some other similar platforms like FIXT and HELLOTECH are making their mark as well. FIXT raised $1.4 million in seed funding and HELLOTECH did even better in its Series A where a funding of $12.5 million was raised. Investors are putting in their money to make these platforms run successfully and they are doing the right thing, as ROI is good.

Not only the customers but the technicians associated with these platforms as service providers are quite happy as well because they receive a lot more job requests which they can fulfil and earn a substantial amount of money which they weren’t able to earn previously as their services were not reaching out to a huge number of customers in need of tech support. We are from the tech industry and we know how much this industry is growing, as more and more people are now connected with handheld devices and to be very honest, these devices have become a necessity now and we’ve become addicted to all these things because we can improve our efficiency by using these gadgets, and above all we can stay connected with our loved ones all the time, using any on-demand mobile technician app.

OD TAP can help you grow as a tech support company, all the facts and figure show the potential of this particular industry so let’s collaborate and create an awesome tech support and device repairing services platform, we will help you throughout the process, not only with the development of this platform but to assist you in making it a successful and profitable business, there is no doubt in our mind that we can help you build a platform much better than FIXT, iCracked and HELLOTECH, your platform will be better in terms of design and flow of the app, branding, business model, marketing strategy, tools and technologies used, efficiency etc. We will develop a real-time platform for you using the most efficient and latest tools and technologies, including many business types such as making the best on-demand service apps like on-demand car wash, or a makeup artist app etc.