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Online grocery delivery app

The Distinguishing Features of Online Grocery Delivery App

The efficient time management is the most significant attribute of an accomplished person. Only a couple of decades back, people struggled to manage time owing to considerable time consumption in trivial tasks. Fortunately, the innovations in technology enable every urban inhabitant to prevent time wastage in petty activities. The on-demand industry provides the consumers with one such ability to do grocery with online grocery delivery app.

There is an intense shortage of such a system which enables the consumers to order and receive the grocery items from anywhere. The consumer demand is rapidly peaking up whereas the existing systems are unable to grow at the same pace as the consumer needs. The development of an application providing such a service is highly unlikely to fail if it is efficiently built. Therefore, the entrepreneurs have a massive opportunity to deliver an online grocery ordering system and obtain huge profits in return.

Following features are vital in a grocery delivery app.

1. Dashboard and App Navigation

The developers must be mindful that the majority of the application traffic will comprise of users with no or little technical knowledge. Any difficulty in using the app will cause annoyance and, eventually lead users to stop using it. Thus, the developers need to make sure that the software is as user-friendly as possible.

A friendly user interface should contain no greater than eight screens. At most four pages should perform over 80 percent of the total and most frequent operations while rest of the four pages may be used for feedback, policy statements, and optional tutorial.

The app interface of a grocery delivery software app should offer a decent balance between pictures and text. Each of the options should clearly navigate the user to the intended page. The front page must feature the search bar. The user should be able to search nearby stores as well as the grocery items along with an updated price list.

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2. Agent Tracking

The application should enable the user to track the delivery agent and the estimated arrival time. The tracking involves real-time traversal of roads and streets so that the user may know if the agent arrives at a wrong location. Although the GPS allows agents to reach the site with pinpoint accuracy, at times, a human error may result in a navigational mistake.

If the internet connection of agent is stable, the tracking parties can locate almost the exact location of an agent. The location updates every fraction of a second. Besides customer, the monitoring staff of the grocery company can also observe the agent too to dispatch assistance if the agent appears stationary.

3. Application Efficiency

The performance of an on-demand app is very crucial. If the application suffers from frequent crashes and processing delays, the user would be annoyed and stop using the app. The worst case would be the one where the user leaves detrimental feedback prompting other potential users not to download the app. Thus, the software should run relentlessly and flawlessly.

The unavailability of a promised feature also causes displeasure. The developers must ensure that the app incorporates each of the claimed functionalities. The administrators must ensure impregnable encryption of databases to avoid compromise on data security.

The administrators must also ensure that the database contains all the relevant information about grocery items. To achieve this feat, they should revise the records by updating the price list and adding new items.

4. AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence integration proves to be the distinguishing factor between an ordinary on-demand app and the best one. The apps with AI are capable of suggesting the customers about various items that they might be interested in purchasing based on their previous buying behavior. The technology of machine learning ensures the incorporation of such a feature.

The on-demand grocery delivery app development should provide the ability to find the items in relevant sections. For instance, cookies and chocolates should be placed in the confectioneries sub-section of the food section. However, research by NYTimes about online grocery startup reveals that the ability of systems to suggest the consumers increases the sales by around 3% of the total sales. It also enables them to select the items that they, otherwise, might have forgotten.

5. Consumer Feedback

Regardless of how good an app may be, the customers may have complaints to share. Providing the ability to share feedback and immediate response significantly build the trust. This feature gives businesses the chance to eliminate their shortcomings.

The feedback window should be simple and should not ask multiple questions to resented users. Grocers avoid sharing feedback at traditional stores because they consider it wastage of time. Online grocers can get the immediate response while efficient apps also enable their users to track the complaint.

6. Flexibility and Scalability

The number of users of on-demand apps exponentially grows. Such apps also require occasional updates with more infusion of data. It is mandatory for software to keep the window of scalability wider to incorporate the future changes.

Many apps make significant gains in the beginning for their outstanding interface and impressive speed. However, some of them fail to sustain the growth because the software is inflexible. This inability ends up in either closure of business or massive expenditure to improve the system. Many of them have to develop the system from scratch to prevent termination.

To ensure the scalability, the grocery delivery software should be built on a high-end framework. The reusability of the framework templates should allow quick and effective changes in the future.

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A wise decision and the commitment to staying firm with the decision change the fate of entrepreneurs for good. Conversely, the uncertainty in decision making results in their fall. The on-demand industry is rapidly flourishing, and investment in a white label on-demand grocery delivery app will return tremendously. All entrepreneurs require is to make sure that the app contains the features mentioned above.

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    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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