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e-Learning Approach to Overcome Covid-19 Challenges

The coronavirus outbreak is hitting the world’s economy hard as many businesses have no or little choice except to shut down their operations amid tight lockdowns in various parts of the world. Many startups are being acquired by other wealthy companies since VC funds are unlikely in these uncertain times. Education sector is also struggling as students are losing precious time. Nevertheless, e-Learning has become a blessing by ensuring that teachers remain connected with students via apps. 

With the closing of schools and all extracurricular activities suspended at various places, tens of millions of students have been told to go online to study. The online tutoring services providers are experiencing a surge in online learning from students and their parents. 

Technology has changed the way of education and parents who are unaware of online education can now see how the system works. It is possible through an on-demand tutoring app. 

Such an app allows students and teachers to communicate with each other via mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Educational institutes’ focus is on launching more e-learning courses and data tools to analyze student performance and enable teachers to track their progress. The providers can minimize the loss of time at this critical time when the coronavirus outbreak has beaten industries ranging from hospitality to retail and logistics. Offline businesses and institutes can capture a larger share of the overall education market via online learning. 

Around the globe, the COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way people work and learn on a massive scale. To reduce the risk of corona effects, organizations are reducing in-person interactions by favoring the greater use of virtual platforms. Over the weeks and months ahead, these actions will be beneficial for people. 

As a recent Harvard Business Review article observed, COVID-19 is likely to result in a “changed world” with a notable impact on online education. On-demand tutor app is an effective way to bridge the gap between students and teachers. 

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, work online is preferable to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Virus-related disruptions are also affecting education but online education approach and on-demand apps have the potential to resolve the issue. 

Education departments can shift online using e-learning ways. Online Systems can help maintain the education easily. Companies across the globe are shifting to remote learning platforms that can maintain quality in providing online education. 

Right Approach for the Future: 

Remote learning adoption is increasing across the academic landscape. The education sector must keep the pace by shortening the distance between teachers who  can create highly relevant curricula and learners who need to increase their knowledge and skills continually. 

Learning through an on-demand ecosystem on a large scale or using on-demand tutoring app on a small scale is the right way to promote learning while staying safe from Coronavirus pandemic. Today’s technologies have made online learning possible efficiently using effective systems. 

A learning on-demand ecosystem is a network of students, teachers and organizations using intelligent software systems that enable users to communicate and evolve.

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Personal Development in Online Education:

Today, online learning has evolved into an effective method of studying. Technological advancements and innovation in cloud technologies have been bringing great opportunities to online education.  The cost structure of getting an online education has dropped dramatically in recent years because cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure in the market have provided great resources and expanded the market bringing prices down to set up a scalable platform online. 

Online education offers countless benefits from lower fees to location freedom, flexibility of choosing the courses and time to invest in studying.

As the world and business pass through the globalization and transformation of approaches online, e-learning is also in great demand which will be developed and improved at a large scale!

The demand for online courses is increasing and therefore platforms like on-demand apps for tutoring are also rising. Institutes are trying to meet this demand by offering affordable classes.

All public sector institutions and most of the private institutions are already utilizing e-learning. We are moving into the new era of education where the graph of online education is quickly rising. Irrespective of online education in times of a pandemic, this mode of learning has the potential to take over the traditional methods in the future.

In addition, the current scenario of coronavirus is pushing decision makers to start online learning platforms to continue education safely on both small and large scale.

ODTap is enabling the education providers to overcome the impact of COVID-19 by offering on-demand services solutions for all businesses that allow managing businesses online. Our solution is suitable for small as well as large enterprises. 

ODTap on-demand platform is suitable for online education, which allows teachers and students to connect via an app. Anyone looking for an online learning opportunity and need an app to manage students and teachers can contact us today. 

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