Roadside Assistance

Any machine can stop working at any time even if it’s produced by the company offering the best quality, a machine produced by a good quality company can have a low probability of producing a fault and it can be more reliable as compared to others but still nobody can trust it 100%. Imagine yourself driving on a road with no traffic and your car breaks down, you can’t understand the reason why it happened and there is nobody to help. How will you get help in a situation like this?

You will obviously call a family member or a friend who could do you a favour and bring a mechanic to fix your car, bring a tow truck along with them or you’ll have to call some tow truck company to send a tow truck your way in order to tow your car and drop it off at the nearest workshop. Help will take time to arrive in this scenario and the people coming to help you will have a hard time in finding you BUT what if you had a mobile application using which you could request the nearest available tow truck driver/mechanic to come and help you, the mechanic/tow truck driver would’ve received the service request immediately and he would’ve been off to help you in a flash. Yes, that would’ve been so feasible and comforting.

Now, with the use of technology it is possible, on demand roadside assistance services industry is huge and a number of platforms are providing their services to the stranded customers and generating great amount of revenues, such as through on-demand car repair app, on-demand road assistance app, on-demand mechanic app etc. These are real life problems; cars do produce issues and most of the times it happens when we are in the middle of the road and unexpectedly the car just stops and it doesn’t start again.

At times we forget to refuel our car and just drive off to a faraway station in a hurry then we realize that there is no fuel in the car’s tank, sometimes the tire punctures and there is no spare tire. Roadside assistance apps are extremely handy in such situations; they connect customers with nearby mechanics/tow truck drivers and workshops. On the other hand, the service providers get much more service requests, they can do a lot more jobs and earn more as well.

In the US, roadside assistance industry is worth $10 billion and it is still growing, although with the passage of time the cars will be safer and reliable but still the overall number of cars is increasing and so are their problems, now more people are found stranded with a punctured tire, technical problem or the ones who ran out of fuel.

This industry is inviting investors; venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to have their own real time on demand roadside assistance services platforms developed and launched in potential markets with a strong business model, based around making road assistance app like Uber, mechanic app like Uber, mobile technician app like Uber, valet parking app like Uber, or tutoring app like Uber etc.

Nowadays, growing a network of service providers to entertain the customer’s requests is not a big deal, all it requires is a strong marketing strategy. Take HONK as an example. Offering on-demand tow truck booking app solution, this startup was launched in 2014, it raised a seed funding of $1.8 million and it claimed to have a nationwide network of 20,000 tow and roadside assistance drivers in less than a year. There is no doubt that the potential of this particular industry is yet to be explored around the world.

Mechanics, tow truck and roadside assistance drivers would love to use an application which will help them get more frequent work, customer will also appreciate a quick and seamless service provided by professionals. Most of the on-demand roadside assistance platforms available in the market are providing services for: Jump-starting the car, opening the lock in case of a lock out, delivering a spare tire in case of getting a flat tire, fuel delivery if the customer runs out of fuel, and towing service in case of a car accident or breakdown, are all found in any road assistance dispatch system, road assistance booking system, mechanic booking system etc.

To make your platform standout form the rest you can also offer additional services to your valued customers like services of a professional and experienced mechanic to get your car running again or you can also offer a special pick-up service in which your service provider would pick-up the customer and drop him/her off at their desired location so that their precious time is not wasted and while the customer is busy doing some important stuff, the mechanic fixes the car and then drives it to the customer’s location, and include all these in your tow truck app solution, tow truck dispatch app solution, or mechanic booking app solution etc.

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