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Ensure Success with White Label On-Demand App for Beauty Service

Nowadays Customers prefer to use an on-demand app for beauty service like others industries to order any product or service that you can imagine. Since the infancy of Uber, the on-demand industry is booming globally at a breakneck pace. Using an app to avail services has become the norm in which millennials have become the largest user base. Customers prefer on-demand Uber-like apps for any product or service these days.

The white label apps for on-demand services help the customers in booking the service via mobile, tablets, smartphones, etc. The name of the industries that can get the benefits from on-demand solutions includes transportation (taxi), food delivery, restaurant, laundry, cleaning services, retail, and the list goes on.

If your customers need a product/service instantly, then the On-Demand white label solution is available to take your beauty service business to newer heights.

White Label On-Demand Beauty Service App for Everyone:

Uber on-demand beauty apps are revolutionizing the beauty industry. They enable people to get beauty service through their smartphones with just a few taps. The native mobile apps for Android and iOS are capable of providing quality services in real-time. These apps allow managing customers, scheduling appointments, making payments via different methods, managing the commission of service providers and a lot more. The features of apps depend on the required custom solution demanded by the beauty industry for their customers’ satisfaction and smooth business operations.

Improve Customer Experience:

On-demand beauty service delivery apps give your customers an easy access to your services with just a few taps. The on-demand software provides transparent solutions by facilitating both parties in real-time. Customers can book an appointment for the required services.

The On-Demand App functionality enables your business to provide quality services to your customers and stand out among your competitors. General Features of the on-demand app include: map integration, time estimations, messaging/communication, transaction history, payments, and more.

Real-Time Notifications:

Customers get notified with updated timely information regarding their requested services. They get personal notifications when the provider is on the way. With the map integration, customers can see where the service provider is at and their estimated time of arrival. After the service completion, the user can give a review and rate their experience that helps business owners to improve their services depending on the customers’ reviews. The service provider receives an alert for booking requests and ratings are received via notifications, email, or through SMS.

Time to Get the White Label On-Demand Beauty Service App:

You can opt for the pre-built solution or have our team build a custom, on-demand service app for your beauty services business. You can get a beautician booking app solution to manage your beauty service business. Get it running within weeks and start monetizing your investment!

We have built apps for food, cleaning, transportation/courier, taxi, healthcare, retail, fitness, beauty, and more. Our white label on demand beauty service app can be customized according to your beauty business demands.

Procedure to Use White Label Beauty Solution:

An on-demand service app is the best possible solution for any beauty and wellness business owner looking to provide his specialized services to the customers at their doorstep, or help them book appointments to receive the service in the salon. The users download the app on their device and makes an account to login. Login is possible through their social media accounts showing on the app interface like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account.

The user can also register with a new account by adding required personal information such as their name, phone number, etc. Now, the on demand beauty service app is ready to use at any time! When you login to the app it will show you a list of all the services that the app offers.

The user can select the required category to book the necessary services such as facial, haircut, etc. User will need to choose the subcategory from a list of available groups. Then the type of facial from the subcategories such as Herbal, whitening, or any other will showup.

The app will show the user a list of all the service providers in the area, who offer the selected services. The user can tap on their icons to see the service provider’s profile. These profiles will show the details of the service provider including their experience, rates, certifications, and reviews of previous customers. The user is free to choose service provider of their choice based on the information available on the app.

As soon as, the user selects any service, the service provider receives a request. The service provider has the option to accept or reject the job request. If he agrees with the request, the job is allocated to him. If he rejects the request, the user is informed regarding the status of a request, and a user has the choice to send a notification to another service provider of the list.

When the service provider accepts the request, he arrives at the location chosen by the client, according to the feature of the service provider’s on-demand beauty app. After arrival, the app will show the status of “Arrived.” When the task starts, mark the task as “started.” After it gets finished, it is marked as “Finished.” Then, the app automatically generates an invoice with the details of the price for the service. The user can make payment via cash, debit or credit card or through other means depending on the available options in the system. If customers pay in cash, they will directly pay money to the beauty service provider. Otherwise, the payment is made through the chosen means without any hassle. Finally, both the parties are free to rate each other and leave reviews about their experience on the beauty on-demand app.

Solution Highlights:

  • White-label solution
  • Native iOS & Android apps
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Open for customization
  • Robust & scalable
  • Secure cloud-hosted architecture
  • Multi-language support (if needed)
  • Multi-currency support (if needed)

We have years of experience building various on-demand service apps & solutions for our clients using the state-of-the-art technologies behind any on-demand platform. Our team of talented and experienced developers has developed everything in base technology solution that will be customized according to the demand of the on-demand industry.

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