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best on-demand service apps

Exploring the Best On-demand Service Apps

The potential of on-demand economy reflects the fact that 22.4 million consumers are adopting on-demand models. It is unwise to treat on-demand services as a single industry. Instead, it is an entire ecosystem with at least 10 distinct industries. Moreover, each industry has subcategories as well. Thus, the appropriate approach would be picking best on-demand service apps from each industry.

One of the previous articles mentions the notable emerging startups from delivery and logistics, insurance, and laundry on-demand industries. This article shares the editor’s picks from on-demand industries of home services, beauty and therapy, and healthcare.

Best Gig Apps for Home Services

Before the advent of on-demand industries, trust deficit was the principal problem in outsourcing home chores. Consumers were reluctant to trust strangers offering services like plumbing and electric works. The lack of trust did not only prevail in terms of privacy but financial frauds as well.

The arrival of on-demand home services pushed the consumers to rethink and change their perception. Such service providers are registered with local and national regulatory authorities. Hence, they also have to keep track of their employees despite the fact that most of them are gig workers.

The business of home services is growing at a cosmic pace. Observers estimate that the market will grow up to $435 billion 2021.

Takl and Handy

Takl is an app which allows customers seeking home services to connect with the most suitable workers in the area. This app launched four years after Handy’s launch in 2016.

Both Takl and Handy have a fixed predetermined pricing model. This implies that customers get an exact quote on services prior to booking. These services enable workers to have a flexible work schedule. In essence, workers themselves define their work schedule.


Thumbtack is one of the pioneers of on-demand services. Its founders introduced this app in 2009. Unlike Takl and Handy, Thumbtack claims to offers “pretty much anything” in its 1100 kinds of on-demand services. It goes as far as offering DJs and party bus rentals.

Thumbtack is arguably the leader in introducing a marketplace for home services. The app allows providers and customers to connect based on proximity and specific requirements of customers.

On-demand Beauty apps

Traditional beauty industry comprising salons and parlors is facing massive disruption since the arrival of on-demand apps. Statistics indicate that traditional beauty outlets will grow at only 2.2% in the upcoming years.

Moreover, stylists tend to adopt gig jobs instead of sticking to fixed routines at brick and mortar salons. On-demand jobs do not only allow them to attain flexible schedule but also enables them to earn considerably better.

Similarly, customers are also inclined to acquire at-home beauty services. Research confirms that seeking on-demand beauty costs only 15% more than a traditional business. This excessive cost is insignificant because they are able to save costs and time in traveling to a salon.


Priv carries the pleasure of being the top choice of customers. The rating in app stores indicates that service seekers prefer this application. The service allows customers to pick the stylist of their choice. It also enables them to get a stylist on an urgent basis in under an hour.

The services are available in seven US states until now but the leadership aims to expand soon. One problem with the app was its user interface. The navigation on various pages used to be very complex. Nevertheless, the managers revamped the app to provide a better user experience.


The US is not the sole producer of beauty on-demand startups. Western Europe and Asian markets are also welcoming such initiatives. Ruuby is one of the primary examples which managed to acquire a competitor bigger than the company itself.

The acquisition of Perfect 10 enabled Ruuby to expand its services to a global scale. Besides, it also continues Black Label service of Perfect 10 which provides stylists to customers on international travels. Ruuby’s success in three short years highlights the potential of beauty on-demand industry. For these reasons, it manages to break into our list of best on-demand service apps.

On-demand Health Services and Telemedicine

Health services may not have initially gained a significant response like transportation and other on-demand services, but they managed to perform incredibly in the past few years. The reluctance in the initial years makes sense. Consumers did not want to test on-demand application at the cost of their health.

However, the services made a remarkable improvement in building customers’ trust. Consequently, people are adopting on-demand healthcare faster than ever. Besides, the aging population in the US is one of the chief reasons for growth of these startups. With time, more people will require at-home healthcare.

The surveys indicate a massive demand for on-demand health in the US. However, the availability of such businesses is extremely rare. Only 10% of US inhabitants have access to on-demand health. Currently, approximately 60% of people confirm that they would acquire services if available in their area.


This Florida-based business provides telemedicine services. It enables patients to get access to certified doctors. These doctors can provide consultation over video calls or through in-person visits. The app aims to eliminate the need for visiting a doctor sans emergency circumstances.

The startup raised over $50 million to date with Bedford Funding as one of the top funding sources. It is also running collaborations with some of the leaders in healthcare and technology. Zocdoc also offers an impressive service and earn a decent amount of revenue. However, MDLIVE is ensuring flawless services and amazing pace of business expansion to top this list of best on-demand service apps.

Your App can be the Next on this List

Most of these on-demand businesses started without assistance from wealthy investors. They ensured that the application remained free of loopholes. In essence, the choice of app developer played the most crucial role in their success.

ODTap carries the honor of assisting a number of startups to grow into industrial leaders. This on-demand app development platform also helped companies struggling to improve their revenues. Contact us today so that we can work on innovative apps together.

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