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Food ordering app

Exploring the Cost to Build Food Ordering App

The tough routines of urbanites leave them with little or no time. Surveys to assess the activities of citizens indicate that they spend most of their time in performing petty and repetitive tasks. This poor management of time consumption inhibits them from spending time with their families and focusing on building their careers.

The advancement in on-demand services industry is intensely welcomed because the consumers are now able to spend their resources on trivial tasks efficiently.

Food is a necessity of life but the time and money spent on traditionally acquiring it are substantially high. If the nearest restaurant or fast food agents deliver at home after ordering through a phone call, still the consumers do not have the facility to track time. Moreover, the customer cannot view the menu while asking over the call would be inefficient.

In comparison to other on-demand services, food delivery service keeps the top spot in terms of gap between demand and supply. This comparison points toward a vast opportunity for the entrepreneurs. The existing food delivery apps are either inefficient or the services are available in specific regions only.
The cost of developing the best food ordering app varies directly with the features and efficiency. To find the cost, it is advisable for the entrepreneurs to consider the following factors.

Cloud-Based Management

The efficiency of applications exponentially grows when the system is based on cloud software. The primary reason is the ultra-high volume of requests which, in the absence of cloud, would choke the system.

Cloud infrastructure allows companies to store data on distant servers instead of workplace commodity hardware. This policy does not only increase the processing powers of end-nodes but enhance the data security by manifolds.

The confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data are serious concerns after significant increase in the rate of data breaches. The intensity of offences prompted the European Union to introduce GDPR – stringent set of digital privacy policies. Any violation, intentional or accidental results in hefty penalties. Cloud platform offers excessive security and keeps consistent backups of data.

Processing efficiency considerably increases with cloud because it addresses thousands of requests without slowing down the activity of software. The scalability is more accessible as the app can adjust to accommodate any rate of increase in consumers.

Tracking System

The traditional food delivery companies face huge connectivity problem. They suffer big time searching for customer’s location whereas customers lack the ability to track the delivery agent. The company will lose trust if the agent fails to reach the customer’s location in time for any reason.

Tracking system enables the consumers of food ordering apps to track agents so that they may know about the estimated arrival time. The method also capacitates both to communicate and traverse the shortest path.

This system uses GPS to ensure connectivity. However, the utilization of GPS requires high expertise. In regions – usually in developing countries – with narrow streets and unregistered communities, the efficient integration of GPS is more challenging. Nevertheless, the companies including, but not limited to Uber and FoodPanda have proved that the agent can deliver in the least popular places too.

Interface and Ease of Use

An application with the most productive software may end up in failure if the interface is not a user-friendly one. Majority of the users of online food ordering app severely lack the understanding of technology. Thus, they require the simplest solution with unchallenging navigation.

The application should enable users to find various functionalities easily. It should offer a dashboard comprising of a combination of pleasing colors, pictures and concise text which collectively increase the usability. It should feature the pending orders and the history of previous orders. The application must allow users to explore the menu of each of the food outlets.

The usability will be highest if the compact dashboard is coupled with a total of four to six pages. Finally, the interface must highlight the search bar where the user may explore various restaurants and fast food and can enter one’s location for the delivery agent.

Intelligent System

The number of food outlets in urban areas is intensely high. Similar is the case of consumer demand. Thus, the application should be sufficiently intelligent to identify the nearest path to the outlet as well as to the user’s location. The application should also predict the customer’s choice by assessing the previous requests. A customer’s behavioral analysis makes the task easier for both user and the service provider.

The recent advancement in Artificial Intelligence equips the app developers with the ability to integrate decision making intelligence in software. Consequently, human intervention significantly reduces while the software makes decision considering efficient utilization of resources.


The entrepreneurs need to maintain high level of trust with the users. There are times when the resented customer wants to share complaints to prevent such occurring from happening in future. Traditional services do not provide any facilities to lodge complaints. In case of availability, the customers do not have a way to track their complaint.

Food ordering software, like any other on-demand mobile service, should enable the customers to share feedback. The tracking system allows the monitoring staff to determine if the agent reached and delivered the food or not. The companies with high revenue and reputation compensate the customers in case the services are not up to the mark. This small compensation gives huge returns.


Cost to build food ordering app varies depending on the number of features and scope of business. Some companies may give a small quote, but the features are insufficient to impress the customers. Other companies are expensive to work with but may or may not ensure the desired return on investment for the investor.

Thus, the investors must ensure the acquisition of features mentioned above before seeking a quote. On-demand food delivery industry lies in the rudimentary stage. It expects some entrepreneur to provide consumers with the appropriate solution while attaining huge profits in the process.

You can become the next successful entrepreneur by giving an efficient solution. If you intend to own the most efficient food ordering app, Contact us today to let our professional team assist you.

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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