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ODTap has developed winning on-demand applications and platforms to equip the service industry to provide Uber-like offerings.

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On-Demand Healthcare Service Platform

Coordinate your healthcare services with an on-demand solution.

On-Demand Healthcare Industry Overview

On-Demand healthcare services cover every step from medical checkup to patient follow up. Patients who are not in a condition to go to the hospital themselves can use this app. Health cannot be risked. It is why doctors’ information is provided along with the ratings and reviews so that the patients can choose cautiously. After booking a doctor, a live session can be arranged where the patient directly interacts with the doctor. Doctors can thereby give most suitable prescriptions which can be printed for ordering the medicines. Avoiding long delays on phone calls for an appointment with the help of these automated services are a blessing in emergency conditions.

What On-Demand App Offers?


User-Friendly Menu

Users can easily request the service with customized service level options.


Visible Job Details

All options related to a job are displayed to a user, which includes: payment method, note to provider etc.


Ratings and Feedback

Users can easily rate the service provider and give feedback in a single tap.


Medical Specialist Info

The information of medical specialist of all categories is provided and users can choose service by rating.

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Get to know how on-demand healthcare industry has transformed in the past few ayears with on-demand platform.

Unique On-Demand Platform Benefits

White Label Apps

Get white label apps under your branding for Android and iPhone.

Server Storage

We can deploy the mobile application on the server of your choice.

Scalable Solution

Scale your on-demand platform as your business grows.

Various Payment Integrations

Integrate payment method of your choice including PayPal, Braintree or Stripe.

Extended Support

We provide you complete support before and after the platform launch.

Fast Platform Delivery

We deliver applications with your branding in much less time.

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