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last mile delivery

How is last-mile delivery revolutionizing the e-commerce industry?

As we slowly resurface from the pandemic-infested times of the century, our efforts for survival are completely revolutionizing the traditional norms of life itself.

In this world of interconnected apps, industries quick in adopting tech-savvy solutions are booming – with others drowning in the sorrows of their orthodox views.

The booming eCommerce sector

With travel coming to a standstill, the one sector that has been able to still gather the riches of the world is eCommerce. Yes!

The numbers for online shopping have only increased since Covid-19 has hit us hard – right where it hurts!

According to Statista, more than 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to switch to digital buying by the end of 2021. These numbers are huge! Especially since we know how slow tech adoption can become!

What’s worth mentioning here is that such a seamless digital transition is bound to have lasting impacts on societies – unfortunately, not everyone is ready for such a sudden upsurge to what’s considered ‘normal’. Therefore, developing countries should not just be the buyers but strive to catch up with the eCommerce ecosystem – adaptation is critical.

The world: “Ready or not, here I come!”

With people avoiding brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce has become the front face of retail. A drastic rise in the number of orders pouring in has indulged online shopping in a battle with itself – struggling to keep up with the soaring user demands.

Amidst this crisis, retailers with a strong eCommerce strategy in place are coping well with the ongoing supply chain disruptions, as opposed to their ‘more rigid’ counterparts, essentially redefining the importance of digital transformation.

The last-mile delivery can help!

We already know about the threat looming over the ride-hailing giants like UBER and Grab- the disruption they brought about a decade ago seems to be sinking amid the travel restrictions worldwide.

In my opinion, it’s more like people are afraid to ride the way they used to. Freedom has become a luxury – I bet, many would agree with me now!

So, what can be done?

Let’s put two and two together…

Instead of letting go of such a huge workforce, the ride-hailing industry can (and already is) collaborating with the eCommerce sector – essentially friends with benefits!

We have the recent Gojek – Tokopedia merger as proof! The newly created GoTo group will get help for their last-mile delivery problems with the already available Gojek workforce – redefining what’s normal for these industries.

The on-demand survival – What’s up with UBER and Grab?

2020 has been a savage year for the ride-hailing industry. The losses encountered by the ridesharing kings have been huge- so what’s next?

Many of the transformations we encounter now may be permanent. Like Anthony Tan, CEO of the ride-hailing giant, Grab says:

“There has been a permanent shift. This idea of ‘complete cashless’ food arrives, my e-commerce arrives, my groceries arrive, was a novelty. But now it has become a reality.”

The Singaporean-based company has evolved with the digital transformations, becoming a ‘super-app – offering an array of services including healthcare, fintech, food delivery along with their original ride-hailing services.

The start-up has also scaled up its on-demand delivery services – GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress.

On the other hand, UBER Eats has also already been running and with the pandemic hit, they turned to the on-demand delivery sector, getting their game going into the eCommerce industry.

Why will on-demand delivery continue to thrive in the eCommerce industry?

With on-demand last-mile delivery gaining significant momentum, it’s pertinent that businesses rethink their strategies – a revolution of a unique kind is critical. Sticking to the traditional norms of conducting operations can save you no more.

Let’s see why on-demand last-mile delivery can prove beneficial for retail in streamlining their supply chain strategies.

Reduced face-to-face interactions

Living with forceful social distancing since the beginning of 2020 has changed the way our minds might perceive human interaction.

Since we, as living beings, are fine-tuned to adapt to our surroundings, even with vaccination drives and striving to return to normal, we might as well have adjusted to ease. Shopping online will persist, so on-demand delivery will still be necessary even once we finally emerge from the pandemic.

Ease of use

With technology answering most of our needs, digital shopping is convenient – one doesn’t need to get to a physical store just to buy a pair of sunglasses.

Why should we? When shops are letting you try them out online?

Adjusts well with busy lives

Life is moving fast – people have become so busy that they often are unable to focus on what’s important.

What’s so bad about pre-ordering your evening meal so that even with an otherwise strenuous routine, you can fall back home in time to enjoy dinner together with family and friends?

Our advice? Stop and Rethink!

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in an already fast-paced world. Looking back – even a year ago – is not an option.

Not now, with what the world has seen and gone through. As they say, some life lessons are permanent.

Wish to rebuild a sinking business? Got an idea? We can help shape the future you are daydreaming about!

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