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How On-Demand Tutoring Apps Like Uber Are Helping Students in Learning?

Technological advancement has changed the way of teaching and learning for both teachers and students respectively. The digital era has turned the idea of taking educational classes into online tutoring solutions, which were previously restricted to be delivered only in classrooms. The concept of E-Learning by using a variety of devices to teach the students, the modern education system has extended its boundaries, which have given a rise to the need of on-demand tutoring apps like Uber.

Across the world, On-Demand educational courses, training sessions, and other relevant learning materials have become an inspiration for enterprises to build on-demand tutoring apps like Uber that makes teaching and learning easier.

In this era, schools and college teachers don’t get enough time to pay attention to each student because of the workload which eventually results into the need for having an individual tutor for securing good marks in the exams. The best apps for tutors have resolved this problem as these apps can make the learning concepts clearer and allow the students to choose the tutor of their choice who would arrive at their doorstep and complete the session.

With the advent of new technologies, it has become possible for teachers and students to interact with each other via on-demand tutoring apps from all over the world. Teachers can guide their students and share with them various instructive resources quickly with the help of apps for tutors on-demand. Below are the examples of a few mobile apps and technologies that can be used for tutoring and guiding students:

Popular On-Demand Tutor Apps:

The Uber for Tutors has already gained great popularity in the last few years, and the number of on demand tutoring applications is still rising. The apps are quite helpful for bridging the gap between the students and the tutors. These applications are significant for those students who are not able to attend schools and colleges due to some reasons.

On-Demand Apps offer a variety of features. Students can find tutorials or lessons of their favorite teachers while sitting at home. Whether you are interested in getting classes on music, dance, cooking, sports, or on any other subject, On-demand tutoring apps like Uber allow the students to search for their preferred teachers and can book their classes easily at their preferred time slots.

Below are some of the innovative tutor apps in the on-demand market:

1. Tútit

Tútit is an educational app that helps students find a tutor to help in their coursework and getting assignments done. The app features digital and voice chat with interactive whiteboard functionality.

The app allows the students to connect with a tutor 24/7 anytime and anywhere. It is pretty easier to understand and manage through their dashboard. Each session is easily billed with payment integrations. This app not only helps students to get online classes but help tutors to earn good income.

2. Gooroo App:

Gooroo App is a simple Uber like app for mobile tutoring which connects students with tutors for learning sessions. Students can get help in doing their assignments, examination preparations, and learn new subjects.

This app allows students to set the location, subject and lecture times. This app has enabled the less privileged communities to get quality education by sitting at home.

3. Whiz Tutor:

Whiz Tutor is just another on demand tutor application. Students can search for top rated tutors in the locality and fulfill their learning goals. The Whiz app has enabled tutors to sign up across the globe.

This application allows the tutors to get quality reviews and transparent pricing information. The functionality of real-time messaging with tutors, appointment reminders and navigation filters has given the Whiz Tutor app a competitive edge in the on demand tutor market.

On Demand Tutor App Flow:

Below is the flow diagram of on demand tutor app from initial sign up to gratification.

ODTAP On-Demand Custom App Solutions:

ODTAP On-Demand platform will bridge the gap between the tutors and their students. With Uber-like On-Demand app for private tutors, tutors can reach the students and even allot particular time slots for delivering educational videos, notes, and provide personal guidance.

When it comes to the tutoring industry, on demand apps, have rapidly grown all over the world enabling communication between tutors and students alike. These mobile applications like the ones we mentioned above can be completely free and available for download on the mobile devices.

Tutors can develop more skills to improve their teaching techniques. These applications assist tutors in managing their time and communicate with their students to help them in the best way possible.

It can be said that if you have internet, you have the world at the palm of your hands. Get on the internet from your mobile or computer and you can find quality teachers. A wide variety of app for private tutors is available for teachers and students to improve the process of teaching and learning.

If you are running a tutoring organization, you can get the on-demand app to make the process of teaching and communicating with the students more comfortable.

Whether you want to provide personal assistance to students in education, coaching classes to the students, or services at their doorsteps by booking and scheduling tutoring time, all types of features can be added and customized according to your preferred needs.

Parents want coaching for their children to earn good grades. They can book tutors via tutor app for their children. Parents are satisfied using these apps, and as soon as you launch an on-demand tutoring apps like Uber, you can help the parents in satisfying them that their children are getting quality tutoring to overcome the difficulties in their learning and preparation for the exams. Moreover, they can choose tutors of their choice for providing the best learning for their children.

Many companies are providing on demand solutions, but the need is to choose the right company for your success. We offer on-demand tutoring apps like Uber for tutoring business owners that can increase their revenue manifolds. Online learning trend has improved tremendously that is helping people all across the globe.

on-demand tutoring apps like Uber can be customized according to your needs. We do ensure the quality of our customized solutions provided. If you are looking for a tutor app for managing your tutoring needs, contact us today.

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