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Increase Your Income Like YC-Grad Papa raise in an On-Demand App for ‘grandkids-on-demand’ Services

One of the new additions to the on-demand elderly care is “Papa”. It is a mobile app that connects college students with adults over 60 to assists them and providing the company.

Y Combinator’s baba app has raised $2.4 million in funding to expand its service all over Florida and to five additional states next year. Chief executive officer Andrew Parker started the startup whose headquarter is in Miami. He got this idea when he was juggling a full-time job and caring for his grandfather who had dementia. The owner of the papa app said, “I have always been in connections with the humans and naturally felt good in providing care to them which is very important.”

Seniors can get a “Papa Pal” using the company’s mobile app, desktop system or by phone. The pals can take them out for an activity or engage in playing a game, complete household tasks, teach them how to use social media to stay in contact with people or to chat.

A senior is matched with a student, according to their required terms and conditions. Seniors can use papa pal with a mobile app, desktop, website or by phone. Elders can use them for an activity, to play a game, to get a company, to gain knowledge of using social media or simple to talk with them. Students want to be part of this work because they need money. Most of them prefer to do this to help the community.

The service costs seniors $20 per hour for the on demand elderly care, the share of students is$12 and $8 is the profit of the Papa app business owner. Seniors can pay for a premium option to use this app that enables them to choose between three Papa Pals to get the services. The students do not furnish any personal care in the on-demand elderly care like bathing or cleaning. And these services are not similar to a pick-up and drop-off services, like Uber or Lyft.

The Papa team has found an innovative way to battle loneliness and depression in older adults. On demand elderly care is bringing the experience of feeling just like home. Furthermore, to expand to new markets, Papa is in the process of sharing with insurance companies with a goal of further improvements and allowing seniors to pay for some of its services through their Medicare plans. Loneliness is a disease that killing people prematurely. Seniors are getting great benefits from the on-demand elderly care as it is improving their lives.

Lots of apps are available for on demand elderly care that is facilitating older people in the best way possible. People can get the outclass services with just a few taps. They connect services providers with older adults that are interested in care.

On demand, elderly care apps are also increasing in number at a fast pace in developing countries. Organizations that are providing elderly care services can improve their business and profit margins by managing them via the app.

Choosing a reliable company is essential to get quality app solutions. We have an on-demand platform that is developed keeping in mind the on-demand services requirements. Our system is customizable, and features can be added to it according to the customers’ demands. If you are running an elderly care business and want to use an app for managing your business, contact us today.

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea