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On-demand laundry service apps

Launch Your On-demand Laundry Service Apps

What is the most precious and scarce commodity that the people of 21st century never have enough of? It is definitely not money rather it is time and the majority of the millennial populace do not want to invest their valuable time in day-to-day household chores like washing clothes and ironing them. Most people consider washing clothes a tedious job that they would rather not waste their time doing and that is where the on-demand laundry service apps come in to save the day.

On-demand laundry services have become an integral part of the service industry. The apps make the process of washing quick and convenient. Customers can use these apps for anything from arranging pickup to reviewing the service.

According to Statista report, the Global Online On-Demand Laundry Service Market is expected to reach USD 96,155 Million by 2024. The reason for this growth is that the on-demand Laundry service provides a fault-tolerant and scalable solution to the career-oriented people with busy schedules who jump at the solution offering convenient Laundry service. Therefore, the demand for such apps is thriving at a sky-rocketing pace.

On-demand Laundry Service App Overview

With the rise of the on-demand services, customers have been given the ability to do their laundry as simple as pressing a button. All the customer has to do is download the app and schedule the delivery. The contractors pick and return the clothes at the location shared by the user.

The service providers cover the entire cities. So, the consumer can acquire the contractor of one’s choice without traveling a meter. The on-demand platform empowers the laundry and dry-cleaning companies to manage a large customer base without errors. The customer details are managed on the platform and they get the notification for the order received.

If an entrepreneur has come up with the business idea and wants to unleash that idea before the window of opportunity slams shut then an on-demand app particularly in the laundry service domain is the path towards fortune.

How to start an online laundry service

If you want to start an on-demand Laundry Service then convincing a potential customer why your service is better than your competition is a major concern. Certain necessary steps should be taken to start a successful on-demand Laundry business:

1. Planning

Planning is the first step after you have gotten a concept of the online laundry service. You need to work on what key features you want to provide to your customers and work out the details for the app’s purpose. A discovery workshop can be a decent headstart.

2. Project Scope

What people and what area are you targeting. You should first know if there is any competition in your targeted scope. What kind of people require the laundry service the most? What resources you have and how those resources will be assigned for everything- from building the Laundry service app to its advertising and distribution.

3. Budget Planning

Aligning the given budget with your needs is the most important step. This is because usually investors are willing to provide funds for an application that has already gained some traction and is showing positive signs in the form of customer satisfaction. Thus, in the beginning, budget should be set aside for advertising and app development.

4. On-Demand Laundry App Development

Simple, efficient and a beautifully designed app is very important for the success of any on-demand business. Some essential features that must be incorporated in the app to guarantee success are interactivity, efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

5. Distribution and Advertising

Distributing the app on the play store/Apple store and advertising it is the final step. However, like most applications, there are constant updates, changes and bug fixes as the customers actually use the application and give their feedback. Some companies employ a phased release approach where sections of the app are launched and then the next steps are decided depending on the feedback received from them.

On-Demand Laundry App Core Features

An On-demand Laundry Service app goes a long way to market the brand and letting the people know about the business by cutting through the noise created by the competition. Following are the app’s Core features:

  • Delighting customers with on-demand laundry service by offering them pickup and delivery options.
  • Easy scheduling of orders with pickups according to the customer’s time.
  • Giving customers the option of laundry preferences.
  • Option to track the delivery and getting prompt notifications on the phone when clothes have been cleaned.
  • Multiple payment options of bills.
  • Receiving the clothes delivery on the time specified by the customer.
  • Generation of Digital Invoices for the service consumed and usage history.
  • Ratings and Feedback option where users can rate the service provider.

On-Demand Laundry App Core Features

Existing companies follow two kinds of business Models:

On-demand On-Site

If you own a laundry/dry cleaning business and have a specially trained staff that can fulfill customer’s demand efficiently, then on-demand site model can work best for you. You can have an app that allows users to order laundry pickup and delivery of clothes at a suitable price.

Marketplace (Aggregation Model)

In the aggregated model, an app acts as a marketplace. Multiple third parties provide the information, while the marketplace operator processes the transactions. Laundry providers deliver services. This model gives a massive database as all users are fundamentally your customers..

ODTAP Solution to make your On-Demand Laundry App stand out

ODTap offers the best modules and features ensuring the rapid growth of your business. The user-friendly interfaces of customer and service provider apps allow them to interact with their respective apps easily. Both customer and service provider apps offer amazing features to simplify the process. Get the best white label on-demand Laundry service app with a pre-built solution which can also be modified according to the customers’ requirements.

Customer App

The customer app includes client profiles showing their data that include full name, address, and phone number. The customer app enables users to:

  • Register and login
  • Select the type of service and add details that might include adding kind of clothes, detergent, and preferences, etc.
  • Schedule pickup and drop-off
  • Check the cost of the service and pay through available payment gateways.
  • Orders tracking
  • Receiving notifications
  • View order history
Service Provider App

When a customer requests for a service, it goes to the service provider app. With this app, service providers get information about orders, along with pickup and drop-off times. It also shows information about orders. Service provider confirms orders, add locations on the map and builds a convenient route for pickup and deliveries.

Admin Panel

The admin panel manages a vast database and interactions within the app.

    • Client data
    • Order history
    • Statistics and analytics
    • Employees data
    • Dashboard

To unlock the success of any new and innovative idea, appropriate implementation is the key. You can be the next Uber in the on-demand Laundry Industry with the right guidance to flourish your idea into a successful start-up. Do not miss this window of opportunity and Contact us right now to take your first step on the ladder to success.

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