Laundry And Dry Cleaning

Laundry is one of those regular tasks that cannot be ignored at all. Finding a good launderer, dry cleaner that knows how to handle clothes and how to get the stains out without damaging the delicate and expensive clothes is a difficult task in itself; most of the times we don’t get the time to do our laundry ourselves and sometimes we don’t trust ourselves with our precious branded clothes but getting the clothes washed and ready to wear is also important because we buy clothes to wear multiple times not just once.

Laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery business is growing rapidly as the overall population of the world is growing, more people means more clothes, and the clothes need to be washed no matter what. Now, there are quite a few companies that trying to get on-demand laundry app like Uber and dry cleaner app like Uber developed which are facilitating the customers from all over the world. The customers can simply book the services of professional launderers and dry cleaners using laundry service app, dry cleaning software, with just a few taps and the most important thing is that the customers can rest assured that good quality services will be provided to them and professionals will clean their clothes and make sure that they don’t damage the clothes.

Oh, one more thing, you can also order the services on weekends, now how cool is that. These platforms provide different services, so it’s up to the customer whether they want their clothes washed and folded or washed and hanged, or dry cleaned. On-demand laundry and dry-cleaning platforms are responsible for picking up the laundry from the customer’s location, provide the service selected by the customer and then deliver the clothes to the customer within 24 hours. The customers can select the pickup time, returning time, number of clothes and the particular service that needs to be provided.

In US alone, the laundry service market is worth $14 Billion, that why on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning services platforms that are already available are doing extremely well.

This shows us that this industry is offering a good opportunity to the investors and entrepreneurs, they can invest their money and have a quality platform developed which will surely provide a huge return on investment. The top platform available in the market in this domain is Laundrapp. When Laundrapp started providing its services, it raised £1.5 million, and only after a few months it raised another £4 million funding to expand the system across the UK.

Other platforms providing quality on demand laundry and dry-cleaning services include FlyCleaners, this platform raised $2million in seed funding in 2013 and since that time FlyCleaners platform is doing pretty well as it provides quality services to its customer. FlyCleaners hires pickup and delivery staff as employees, which they call ‘Fly Guys’; they also have their own customer service agents. In case of on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning services platforms the company can hire staff as employees for laundry pickup and delivery tasks and there is another option to hire freelancers for this purpose.

Another successful platform is Rinse, which raised seed funding of $3.5 million in 2015. These stats clearly show that investors understand the potential of this particular industry and they are willing to invest more and more to facilitate customers and generate great amount of revenue and profit as a return of investment. Interested in having your own on-demand laundry app and dry cleaning delivery app, trying to make laundry service app like Uber, or just laundry pickup app like Uber? You are at the right place; the solution we offer is perfect of laundry business too.

At OD TAP, we develop and provide real-time on-demand service platforms for all kinds of industries, and laundry is one of those industries, among others such as on-demand massage app, technician app, or moving app solution. So, no matter if you are an entrepreneur looking to launch an on-demand laundry services startup with freelance staff OR an established laundry business owner with hired employees looking to grow your business to the next level, a quality real-time on-demand service platform will help you achieve your targets in a short time. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll guide you through the whole process.