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Mobile application technology trends

Mobile Application Technology Trends for 2019

The smartphone users and technology entrepreneurs may find the mobile application technology trends by considering the innovations of past year. Another parameter to determine trends is to assess consumer behavior. In essence, the trends point out the growing interest in some technologies whereas declining attraction towards others.

Although millions of people are trying to introduce innovative technologies, yet the efforts of some of them have been appreciated at recognized forums. The integration of these innovations into mobile apps will increase the probability of success. For reference, some famous tech events include Consumer Electronic Show, Toronto Innovation Festival and Electronic Entertainment Expo. These events highlight the mobile application technology trends.

Application technology trends reveal the following innovative ideas for app developers and investors.

Smart Homes

The mobile app trends 2019 indicate that the concept of smart cities is rapidly turning into reality. Smart homes present an appropriate starting point. The inhabitants can control every object in homes with their smartphones which, otherwise, requires mechanical or human input for their operation.

This feat can be achieved by attaching an IoT device with purpose-built sensors with each of the appliances. Home-owners may control these devices with mobile apps. They enable a wide range of functions including switching the lights, music, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, media players or any other devices. Moreover, they may open and shut the doors without reaching up to them.

Apart from buttons, the users can also enable voice commands to perform the same activities. Thus, a smartphone can ensure a connected home environment.

Such applications allow the owners to save electricity bills by turning off the unnecessarily running electrical appliances.

Cyber Security

As the smart homes are growing at a rapid pace, the fear of breaching the access also surrounds inhabitants. Without appropriate security measures, the criminals may violate the security and burst into a house. Many smart home apps include sufficient security features, but some of them also carry loopholes. It is essential to ensure that the connected homes have adequate security.

TrustBox is one of the winners of Best of Innovation award at CES 2019 in cyber-security category. This router offers multiple layers of encryption to reduce the vulnerability in security.

Cyber-security is not limited to homes. Since connected vehicles are rapidly growing, the manufacturers of apps should ensure an almost impregnable level of security.

Business applications allow users to view and, at times, modify remotely located data from their smartphones. The spoofing of this data may result in confidentiality and integrity issues. Efficient business apps should provide highest security levels.

Vehicle Intelligence

The analysts are evaluating the consequences of autonomous vehicles for over a decade. A few months back, Alphabet Inc. launched its ride-hailing autonomous cars in Arizona. Many consumers appear satisfied with the amount of security and comfort.

Most of the people are still reluctant to ride in a driverless car. Nevertheless, their fears are swiftly reducing with the remarkable improvement in underlying software of vehicles.

InnovizOne is one of the winners at CES 2019. The software of device features multiple capabilities. It locates, identifies and classifies object from quarter a mile with high precision. It also assesses the relative speed of moving objects enabling the car to adjust the speed accordingly. Moreover, the software is flexible enough to allow the regulators to make customized configuration.

Many other systems enable the vehicles to communicate with each other. This technology allows the cars to keep moving by eliminating the wait time to let pass the other.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The invention of virtual and augmented reality devices rules the mobile app future trends. These technologies are transforming multiple industries including tourism, theatre, real estate, gaming, and interior design.

The VR and AR apps enable the users to experience the actual environment in a virtual setting. In essence, the user can observe a scene or an object as precisely as does a physically present person. The 3D environment allows users to assess every detail.

Tourism industry is thriving with AR as the travel agents share the augmented vision with tourists. In fact, people may observe celestial objects including the moon and Mars. Theatre provides an experience with AR which enables the viewers to immerse in the scene.

E3 event provides a platform for game developers to demonstrate their inventions. The organizers also award the best games from around the world. Currently, the VR has a separate category for nominees. Tetris Effect grabbed the award in 2018.

Business Management

Portability is vital for people of the corporate sector to optimize their businesses. They do not need to carry laptops as long as they keep mobile phones with them. Smartphones provide far more than communication. They enable the user to view and modify data located on a distant server. The managers may view visualization charts and tables.

The increasing business needs make the management apps to drift into this list of mobile app development trends 2019. Every business owner wishes to get updates about the performance of products and services. An effective app automates various functions of an enterprise and shares the statistics with useful insights.


Healthcare is rapidly becoming the focus of smartphone users. The people rarely find time to visit a physician. Mainly, the patients with mental health issues restrain from visiting doctors owing to the strict routines.

Consequently, the problems including depression and anxiety grow with time in absence of appropriate treatment.
Considering the demand, many health providers are offering apps which help improve health. These apps share the meditation and other relevant chores. They also offer online physician assistance.

Owlet baby care also features among the winners at CES 2019. The app enables the parents to monitor the heart and oxygen rate of infants and seek help from physicians. Besides, the app also keeps a record of sleeping hours and alarm the parents once find any abnormal behavior.

Start Growing

Investing in an app featuring in these Mobile application technology trends provide a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs. They can boost their existing businesses or start a new one.

ODTAP can assist you in efficient mobile application development for any platform. Contact us today to begin your journey to glory.

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