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On Demand Airline App Development

On Demand Airline App Development Analysis

The on demand industries continue to disrupt the traditional business approaches for over a decade now. The taxi, food, home services, and a range of other industries still carry a vast potential in the on-demand domain. A saturation point in any of these industries is far from near. However, many entrepreneurs are aiming to step ahead for on demand airline app development.

The primary reason for disruption of traditional industries was the substantial time consumption. The concept of on demand airline should flourish because there are a massive number of frequent air travelers. Mainly, the corporate personnel and traders commute often commute on a weekly basis.

Research intended to find the frequency of travelers in the US indicates that over 19% of people with a base income of $80,000 travel at least once a month. The percentage of those with $40,000 lies at 6%. These statistics also reveal an increasing annual growth rate. Thus, the investment in mobile apps airline industry will significantly return.

On demand airline apps must have following features to facilitate passengers

Ticket Booking and Scheduling

Living in the age where consumers can fulfill every other task with smartphones, air ticket booking should also follow suit. The customer can pay via credit card after selecting the desired traveling class. The app should share the pricing options for every service.

It should also allow the passengers to review and reschedule the booking details. However, they must limit the option of rescheduling because airlines cannot reorganize once the flight time draws closest.

Some airline apps already offer smart booking, but the number and efficiency of these are less useful. The airline mobile apps should ensure that they run during the peak hours as relentlessly as the time with less traffic. Repeated crashes and freezes annoy the user experience, and one decides to quit using it.

Virtual Airline Tour

Many travelers intend to experience different airline. However, they end up sticking with the same company because of lack of knowledge about other airlines. The consumers will welcome the idea of virtual tour which enables them to find the pros and cons of various options.

The developers can achieve the virtual airline tour feature by using the augmented reality technology. Users will be able to “see” an airline without physical presence. The technology allows users to move inside the aircraft virtually and closely observe everything.

On the subject of airline selection, many travelers are also interested in aircraft’s history. The official statistics from IATA confirms the travelers’ curiosity around timeline of the carriers. Thus, the guidance and virtual tours are noteworthy benefits of airline apps

Destination Specs

The travelers are often interested in the history and essential guidelines about the destination as well. This is often the case with tourists. Although there are multiple applications with destination recommendations, yet the feature will enable the customers to acquire everything in one place.

Some of the essential specifications include weather, tourist sites, hoteling, and law and order. The consumers should be able to give feedback on destination as well as the airline. Over the time, the app service-provider can also incorporate hotel reservation. This milestone achievement will take time because the hotel laws will disallow the booking unless developers acquire the appropriate license.

Knowing about the uncommon but essential laws is important for travelers to avoid getting into a mess. Some excessively conservative countries penalize the tourists for unlawful clothing and expression of freedom of speech. Thus, learning about local culture and regulations is mandatory.

Reminders and Checklist

Missing a flight is more common than one can imagine. The statistics from Forbes reveal that 14% of air travelers missed a flight at least once. This percentage amounts to tens of millions of people per annum considering the number of annual commuters. The survey also indicates that most of them missed the flight because they did not observe the flight time correctly.

Everyone is not habitual of putting reminders on their phones despite the availability of this feature. The airline apps for android and iPhone should remind the flight time to users regardless of the fact that they may already remember it.

The new travelers are unfamiliar with the documents and other requirements. The absence of a requisite document causes inconvenience for the passenger as well as the airport and boarding staff. The checklist should also list down the counters that a passenger may have to visit inside the airport to prevent wasting time in searching for upcoming procedure.

In-Air Assistance

The on demand airline app development should ensure that the assistance is not confined to pre-boarding. The app can also assist the users inside the airplane because most of the airlines provide the onboard internet facility. Passengers may choose their food and request assistance through their phone.

The user experience will further enhance if the application shares the data of aircraft’s current speed and height. Many users, especially children, and adolescents want to explore such details. The digital technology currently stands at a level where the integration of these features with excellent performance is not challenging.

Listening to the podcast is a common habit among air passengers. The app should allow playing multiple channels based on the users’ choice. The utilization of artificial intelligence enables the developers to assess the consumer demand and offer the stream of their choices. Finally, the airline apps review ability allows the travelers to share their experience with millions of other aspirants.

Become One of the Pioneers

The interest in on demand airline app development is still in the nascent stages. The entrepreneurs who invest in such software will be one of the pioneers of this service. The system will not only generate remarkable revenues but also raise the reputation of the service provider. The developers must ensure that the application performs efficiently and integrate the features mentioned above to boost the user experience.

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