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On-demand beauty app

On-demand Beauty App – Revenue Streams and App Features

In an era where taxi picks up the passengers and agents deliver food at their doorstep by only a few taps on smartphone, it is unreasonable to think of brick and mortar beauty salons. This is not only an opinion but also a widespread belief. The consumers want at-home services through on-demand beauty app.

Astonishingly, the number of companies offering at-home beauty facilities is severely low in every region of the world. There are reasons for this shortage.

  1. On-demand transport and food delivery fascinate new entrepreneurs more for the success of startups like Uber and Grubhub.
  2. People are unaware of the business potential carried by a mobile beauty app.
  3. Many startup aspirants carry a perception that on-demand beauty business requires hiring a team of fulltime beauty experts.

Everyone on planet may not intend to travel by taxi. Although the percentage of people ordering food is impressive, yet most people do not acquire on-demand food. However, you would barely find a person in the US and beyond who does not care a bit about self-grooming.

Besides, consumers will obviously choose to get on-demand beauty if the cost is more or less the same.

Exploring the Beauty App Revenue Streams

Beauty app startup can have a number of revenue channels depending on the scope and nature of business. Following are some of the sources of revenue for beauty app.

Bridging Gaps between Beauticians and Consumers

Take the example of Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEats business models. They all enable restaurants and fast foods to reach customers who lack time to dine-in at these food outlets. This ability is not only helping the customers but also assisting the restaurants in growing their revenues. Meanwhile, the mentioned and other food delivery agents are earning big time by utilizing this gap.

Besides serving as delivery agents, the food delivery companies are also a source of marketing for eateries. The restaurants sponsor food apps to rank higher when a customer makes an in-app search for food outlets.

Now replace restaurants and fast foods with beauty salons. Your beauty app can serve as a channel to connect customers and beauty parlors. These parlors can sign up on your app so that the customers get their services once they request it.

Cashing on Gig-economy with Independent Glamour Contractors

Apart from established brick and mortar parlors, freelance beauticians are also striving to get a platform to find work. In fact, some of the top beauticians are turning toward on-demand beauty services instead of maintaining a costly salon.

Many on-demand companies including Uber and Lyft charge around 20% of the earning from each ride. Similarly, you can charge a reasonable percentage from customers. Most existing on-demand beauty businesses including The Glam App and Priv app use this approach for revenue.

Entrepreneurs can also use ODTap platform for on-demand taxi, food delivery, health services, and numerous other industries. However, we emphasize on beauty services here because this industry is far from being saturated and possesses a high probability of huge profit margins.

In-app Beauty Assistance

In any business, customers welcome the services that are available free of charges. Beauty and glamour industry customers also follow this suite. You can provide multiple free features to the users. These features do not cost you anything either apart from the initial one time charges of app development.

You may choose to provide beauty tips and information on self-care. There are face recognition features which can be useful in suggesting the users with a range of makeover options. Besides, the app may also provide the facility of camera filters. This idea follows from Snapchat filters which enable the users to take pictures in various virtual environments.

This approach is primarily intended toward growing the number of customers. However, you may turn these features into revenue generating engines as well, that too without charging customers, with in-app advertisements.

Both Android and iOS app stores allow app owners to earn by placing sponsored videos in the app. These short videos may cause a little annoyance, but most of the customers are fine with them.

Notable aspects of on-demand beauty service app

Regardless of your choice of revenue streams and app features, the beauty on-demand app development must comprise following three components.

App Module for Customers

Customer app must have the facility to sign-up and login to their account so that they can access the history of their upcoming and previous service acquisitions.

The app should also enable them to track the location of their service agent in real-time. This ability allows them to get the estimate for arrival time.

Moreover, the app should provide various payment options so that the customer may choose the one that most suits him/her. There can be any number of features in an on-demand beauty app depending on your business model.

App Module for At-home Beauty Agent

Similar to Uber drivers, the beauty agents also require an app which navigates them the route to customer’s destination. Besides, every agent needs to have a distinct account which maintains the history of working with customers.

This account ensures that each agent gets paid as much as they work. The presence of distinct profiles introduces transparency as you and your beauty service agents can view the same profile.

Dispatch and Admin Panel

You need to monitor the activity of agents so that they can deliver services on time. Besides, you also need to view history of services and comparisons of revenue from previous months and quarters. A monitoring panel provides the visualization of such records in such a way that you get more information in less space.

Dispatch panel enables you to connect the customer with the most relevant beauty agents. Thus, the customers can get the beautician who is most pertinent to their services request.

Let Us Get You Onboard

Your on-demand beauty app, and hence your startup is only a step away now. ODTap is the reason for the success of a number of startups in various on-demand industries. Contact us today and we will take you on-board from there.

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