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On-demand Beauty Apps: The Need of the Hour

Beauty standards set by celebrities compel people to enhance their physical appearance. That’s when they start looking for beauty treatments and go for the makeup process. Now, It is considered one of the basic need in everyday life.

For salon owners, it was difficult to manage all the processes, still, there are cases of mismanagement, human-factor error. Earlier people used to visit salons and booked appointments over a call. Sometimes they may feel inconvenience during the whole booking scenario due to a manual and non-transparent process of these appointments.

Suppose, In the evening, you take out time from your hectic routine to get yourself a beauty service. You visited a nearby salon, but it is unexpectedly closed or maybe too crowdy at that moment. In any case, you don’t have any option except to get back home without getting any service. You wasted your efforts and time to get to saloon yourself. What if, you have to go to any event, someone’s wedding, party or official dinner and all this happen? It will ruin your occasion.

As a precautionary measure, you go for a booking option, either you can book by visiting a salon or over a telephonic conversation. Manual booking procedure is quite uncertain especially if you are interested in a high-end salon which due to its excessive demand, remain crowded all the time. Maybe due to human error factor they miss your appointment, or hard luck your appointed slot booked already. You will stay uncertain until you get the job done.

Here, arrises another aspect too, that is the quality of service. If you are a frequent customer of salons and beauty treatment, you must know which salon is best for hair doing, which one is for a party or bridal makeup, etc.

But, what if you aren’t? Then what will you do? Rely on friend advice, take reference from your colleagues and ask about their experience. And then do blind trust and let the rest on your luck.
When you are uncertain about something, there are fair chances that you regret later. So to remove this uncertainty, technology steps In.

Traditional Beauty Industry

The internet brings the revolution in the conventional way of a running salon. Earlier, salon needs resources like electricity, telephone connection, etc. Moreover, the hiring of experts, professionals, and helpers add significant cost every month. Beside this, you also need marketing which is usually done with word of mouth or distributing brochures, to attract more customers.

Online Web Applications:

The first era, when the people started to move their business online on websites. It makes management tasks easy both for business owners as well as for customers. You can check all details of your favorite salon online, their rates, special deals, seasonal discount, etc. Moreover, you can book services online and confirm appointments, etc.

From a business owner point of view, web application helps to increase customer base. Owners can identify loyal customers and give them mini treats in the form of discounts and promos. It is an ideal way to win a long-term relationship with them.

Mobile Applications:

When the smartphones become accessible to a majority of people, mobile applications become a need for many businesses. This trend goes from top to down in all business models, i.e., from renowned brands to the local ones. If your business doesn’t have a mobile application, it is likely that you may lose 50% of potential customers.

Today, these mobile applications lead to the concept of on-demand beauty applications.

Customers of On-demand Beauty App:

The business owner can develop a mobile app to manage his company well.
The customers of the app may be

  • Professionals or Field Experts
  • A Client, looking for Professional Services.

Professionals can create their online portfolios and get customers in nearby areas. They can make the handsome amount in sometime by giving services in their adjacent areas. Individuals who are looking for professional services can get expert services anytime by staying in their comfort zone. They don’t need to schedule appointments, take out time from their busy schedule and visiting salons. It is feasible for them when they get all the services on their doorsteps in a few taps on their cell phones.
This app locates all the nearby professionals like hair stylists, makeup artists, etc.

They can check their portfolio which shows the expert area of their specialty, their prices, past work, review from customers, etc. On this basis, clients can choose which one is best suited to help them in getting the desired look.

In minimum time, an expert is at your doorstep to provide service. Moreover, via this app, clients can also schedule appointments on weekends. They can plan and get services whenever and wherever they want. This concept is helpful during wedding season, when the salon appointments, traveling, etc. is difficult to manage. Especially in last minutes notice, a client’s helping hand is just a few taps away.

Mobile Applications Helps in Marketing:

If you are going to launch an on-demand beauty application then marketing is essential. Even after launch, it is still required to attract and keep a significant number of customers. As a beauty app owner, you can draw and maintain a high number of customers by offering discounts to clients, and earn good commision to professionals. The more brand awareness you create, the more customers you get and the result leads to a good return on investment (ROI).

On the basis of customer’s real-time data, services they availed and the pattern of services, you can analyze and develop strategies for marketing and expanding your business.

Additional features in the mobile-app keep people engaged like:

  • Beauty Cam (Filters) in HD version: You can check which product will suit you, before going to apply it in real. For example dye color for hair.
  • Identify nearby saloon and beauty professionals.
  • Makeup Tutorials from experts helps you to learn basic to expert level makeup application.
  • Recommend beauty products or giving a discount on products via an app is an excellent trick to gain more customer base and partnership.
  • Blogs, organic homemade beauty tips is an excellent way to keep your customers engage.


On-demand Beauty Apps is the need of time. In Today’s busy life, people look for more comfortable, accessible and reliable applications to get services done. These apps made beauty treatments and services more accessible, anytime anywhere. They are game-changing in the beauty and salon industry. Beauty experts and professional according to their feasibility can earn more in less time. The on-demand application is a perfect solution for your salon business. If you are looking for such on-demand beauty application then you can contact us today for a demo!

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