Car Wash

Nobody likes to drive around a dirty car and this is also a fact that nowadays we don’t get much time to go to the service stations and get our cars washed, so what’s the solution? On-demand car wash services platform is the solution, these platforms connect the customers looking to get their cars cleaned with service providers looking for a job and wanting to provide the service, because now there are many opportunities for them thanks to car wash apps, car cleaning apps, car wash booking system, or car wash software solution, car cleaner booking app solution etc.

Let’s go through a few stats together and see what is the worth and potential of this car wash industry. According to a recent research Car wash industry’s annual revenue is around $5.8 billion and the number of cars washed annually is somewhere around 2.3 billion, in total 8 million cars are washed each day. These stats clearly depict the potential of this particular industry. Now that we understand the demand of service let me share some statistics regarding the platforms which have exploited this business opportunity and made the most out of it by providing on-demand car wash services to the customers and giving the chance to the service providers to avail frequent job opportunities and earn good amount of money.

There are different business models that can be followed such as on-demand car wash app solution, on-demand car cleaner app solution, on-demand car cleaner dispatch app solution, on-demand car cleaner booking app solution, to achieve the best possible results at the end of the day, and at OD TAP we have derived a very successful business model for entrepreneurs, investors, capitalists and business owners looking to launch their own on-demand car wash services platform. This business model is completely based on the ECO-FRIENDLY PLATFORM concept, we can discuss the details of that amazing business model in a meeting but for now we would like you to know that you don’t have to earn money only from each service that is provided to the customers, you can also earn money by selling out your car cleaning products to the professional, certified car cleaners or washers.

This way your revenue will double, we can explain this to you in more details but you’ll have to contact us and show your interest for that. Different approaches can be followed while developing an on-demand car wash or car cleaning services platform. For example, some business owners already have their own registered and certified car washers who have the complete car wash equipment mounted on a vehicle (van, motorcycle, truck), the customer simply generates a request and the request is received by the nearest available service provider who accepts the job, arrives at the service location and washes the car with water and then gets paid after the job completion.

There is another eco-friendly approach followed nowadays which allows the customers to book a car cleaning service, the service providers in this case are fully trained to use the company’s products for car cleaning as no water is used to clean the car, only car cleaning products like sprays, waxes etc. are used. The service provider then arrives at the service location and cleans the car using the products only no water is used in eco-friendly systems. On average, eco-friendly car cleaning platforms help us save 38 gallons of water from each car cleaning service that is provided to a customer, so we can also contribute and play our part in saving the precious resource of water on our planet Earth. On the other hand, this eco-friendly car cleaning structure gives a good opportunity to follow a potential business model as well.

A great example for an eco-friendly on demand car cleaning services platform is WYPE, and another good example is SQUEEGY, both of these platforms are doing extremely well in this domain. There are a number of other platforms available in the market providing on-demand car wash services and running successfully like SPIFFY, WASHOS, WASHE etc. Individual service, freelance providers and car wash or car cleaning businesses both can join these platforms and respond to the job requests. There is another model that is perfect for settled and already running on-demand car wash or car cleaning business owners, business owners looking to boost their business and increase the number of customers can have an on-demand services platform developed which will allow the customer to book an appointment and then bring their car at the service station, this also allows the customers to save time and get the service immediately at the booked time without any wait.

We can develop the best platform for you which will help you provide quality on-demand car wash or car cleaning services, along with professional valet services, tow truck app, moving solution etc. to your valued customers, you will soon be rubbing your shoulders with the giants in this particular domain and giving them a tough competition. So, don’t hesitate, just get in touch with us and we will guide you through the whole process and plan everything with you.