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on-demand construction app development

On-Demand Construction – One place for Builders, Suppliers, Contractors and Customers

The concept of on-demand involving delivering and receiving products or services in real-time has revolutionized businesses all over the world and the construction industry is not behind. Construction businesses especially need to keep up with these technological on-demand changes as a lot of investment is at stake. The on-demand construction service apps enable contractors, builders and renovators to manage their operations timely and efficiently.

On-demand construction apps – the perfect solution

The reason why on-demand construction app development is especially a perfect solution for construction management/services is that it can be used to tackle two main problems in the construction industry.

One is the growing cost which has become a major cause of concern. The only way to reduce costs is to outsource as many services as possible. Moreover, construction companies are frequently searching for reliable sources from where they can hire equipment to prevent maintenance and other issues. However, even if construction companies figure out that hiring and outsourcing is an effective solution to reduce cost but then how can they find the right person or material at the right time for work? The on-demand solution can tackle this problem and we will show you exactly how. (So, keep scrolling).

The second major concern is completing the project on time and for this, it is necessary to stay connected to all the parties involved. The on-demand solution allows everyone to be connected on one platform so that changes and updates in schedule and creation of change orders can be shared in real-time.

Moreover, since everything is in one place, a construction manager can easily analyse how one decision will impact the cost, quality, safety scope and function of the project. Through Construction management apps, Business owners can maximize their team’s time and resources that can eliminate productivity loss.

Construction Industry is set to reach new future milestones

  • According to Mckinsey’s report, 13% of the world’s GDP is due to construction related spending.
  • The construction industry is expected to grow to $25,000 Billion by 2021 at a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR).
  • The total spending in the construction industry was $9.5 trillion in 2014, which is projected to increase to $14 trillion in 2025.
  • The largest construction market is the Asia-Pacific accounting for 42% of the Global Market.
  • China, Japan, India, Australia, USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Russia are the top twelve competitors that made up around 28% of the total market in 2018.

On-Demand Construction App Development

There are multiple types of apps for construction bidding and management.

1. On-Demand Construction Management App

A Construction project has a lot of money/investment stake and there are many things that could go wrong. Construction management apps allow the contractors to manage the plans, blueprints, budgets, workers, subcontractor scheduling; thus, running all the activities smoothly. They can also track progress, generate reports and estimate the costs. BuilderTrend is such an app that brings the whole building world together in one application.

2. On-demand Construction Material Delivery app

This app solves the problem of last-mile delivery issues and material shortages with the press of a button. Instead of a trip to suppliers which costs time, money and productivity, fast easy and affordable delivery of construction material can be provided on demand. TOOLBX is such an app that allows the contractor to browse through thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers and source all the materials in one place.

3. Apps for Construction Bidding

These apps assist customers particularly in finding the appropriate bid for the construction projects such as a repair and remodel in the residential, commercial and corporate domains. Normally the first thing would be searching for a contractor and sorting through multiple options with each contractor claiming to provide the best service. The on-demand platform provides a solution that saves the hassle of searching for contractors and hiring one that leaves unfinished or low-quality work. BidSquad is the best example of such a construction service app.


BidSquad is one of our success stories and is an on-demand construction/renovation service platform with intelligent bid filtering software. Whenever a customer has a project, BidSquad sends trained technicians to the location to perform a detailed scope of work. Through BidSquad the technician will reach out to a network of high rated contractors who will bid for the project. The customer can choose the bid according to their desired price.

On-Demand Platform for Builders, Contractors and Renovators:

ODTap offers the best modules and features ensuring the rapid growth of your business in the construction industry through on demand Construction app development. Here are a few of the core features that are provided to the customers and the contractors.

  • The Manger app and admin dashboard ensure the smooth management of the project.
  • Fleet Management is ensured by keeping a track of the fleet carrying the construction material and provision of real-time updates to the client.
  • Stay up-to-date with the real-time status of every resource on-site and manage them.
  • Powerful Route Optimization algorithm enables safe and timely material delivery.
  • Allocation feature helps in getting services from the available or requested contractor. It allows people to choose the service category, subcategory and service location. People select construction specialists according to their preferences.
  • ODTap has integration with Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe to make payment easier.
  • Efficient inbuilt messaging system for effective communication between the service provider and people interested in getting the construction services
  • Efficient inbuilt messaging system for effective communication between the service provider and people interested in getting the construction services

Next Step

Now that you are aware of the Construction industry statistics and all kinds of On-Demand Construction the next step is to make your mark in the construction industry. The success of your business depends upon the quality, efficiency and interface of your application.

Today where On-demand has taken over the businesses, many start-ups suffer from a lack of product innovation and originality. It is not the case with ODTap. We are constantly searching for new ways to realize your idea into a brilliant and successful business. Contact us so we can start working on your construction app today.

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