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On-demand delivery

On-demand Delivery App Model is the Way Forward

The doubts and apprehensions surrounding the efficacy of the on-demand delivery app model for  businesses are now fading rapidly as multiple organizations the world over align to adopt them. Although millions of businesses around the world are facing a significant drop in sales amid the Covid-19 pandemic, yet scores of opportunities are also arising as a direct consequence of this.

As per all recent studies, the pandemic (and its resulting consequences) are to stay for an indefinite period. One does not need to have a sharp business acumen to conclude that the on-demand delivery model (powered by mobile apps) is the necessary go-to strategy to ensure business and operational continuity. This is going to be true not only for during the lockdown period, but for times thereafter as well.

Amazon has reported to hire as many as 100,000 new workers in the course of only a couple of months in response to the surge in demand for online delivery of goods since the start of the month of March. Instacart, Shipt, and Walmart Grocery have seen a respective rise of 218%, 124%, and 160% in the US as reported by TechCrunch on March 16, 2020.

This is not solely the case with the US and Canada. Regions including Western Europe, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Asia-Pacific are also witnessing similar incredible numbers. The demand has grown significantly since the lockdown intensified.

Meanwhile, the existing service providers are far from coping up with this remarkable increase in demand. Thus, there is a huge market awaiting penetration for new providers.

On-demand delivery app is the New Normal

Wonder how would you go about grabbing this opportunity? Just in case you are unaware, an on-demand delivery app business model allows consumers to access services without stepping out of their homes. All they need is to order the product items and services – may it be food, grocery, medicine, fuel, clothes, shoes or anything else that could be delivered; at home using mobile apps. In response, your delivery agent would deliver the order at the intended location with the assistance of in-app GPS based location services.

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ODTap has been helping organizations enable this shift since 2015. Our on-demand solution is a comprehensive framework with core modules already built and integrated. The Development team adds additional features depending on the industry of clients and the kind of business models they follow. In a nutshell, the ODTap framework comprises five major building blocks, with each component offering a wide range of features.

  1. A mobile app for consumers
  2. A mobile app for service agents ( or service providers)
  3. Admin Panel for administrative purposes; to be used by the backend team
  4. A website for consumers
  5. Merchant Panel

There are separate mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Clients may choose to get the entire solution with all components included, or a selection of necessary components required during the first phase (as per your business requirements). Moreover, our designers also rebrand the solution as per your branding guidelines, so that the platform inherits your business’s unique appearance. For more details on features of each component, please download the market study.

Post-Pandemic Consumer Behavior

There is little doubt now that the on-demand delivery app model is here to stay. Over the course of the past two months alone, it has proven its significance, and the part it plays in ensuring business and operational continuity during the course of the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, an interesting byproduct has been the number of new Monthly and Daily Active users who’ve jumped onto the on-demand bandwagon (that weren’t there before this pandemic). The question now is, can we expect the demand to remain consistently  high once the pandemic is over?

Prior to this pandemic, most consumers relied on traditional business practices involving visiting the stores or service centers in-person. This centuries-old practice was ingrained as the norm within majority consumer behavior. There was little awareness about the on-demand services, as only a specific age group comprising millennials were able to understand this model of availing services.

The lockdown is changing this consumer behavior for good. Statistics indicate that the recent surge in online delivery orders comprised a good mix of various age groups. This implies that more people are now adopting the on-demand delivery app model permanently. Once the pandemic is over, the world is going to find a new normal with businesses focusing more (if not completely) on their on-demand verticals.

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The toughest times produce the smartest leaders. It is time that the traditional business owners jump onto the on-demand bandwagon. This transformation would not only save them from dipping into losses for lack of in-person consumer footfalls, but increase their profits manifold instead.

Are you planning to introduce an on-demand service, or aiming to transform your existing business? ODTap would help you get there as your technology provider. Sign up for a free discovery call with one of our business analysts before getting the demo of our white label on-demand delivery app.

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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