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On-Demand Health Startups Revolutionizing The Medical Industry

The internet and latest technology have made the On-demand services a reality, which has made possible for almost every business to deliver on-demand services to the customers at their doorsteps. The turning of the traditional way of doing businesses into on-demand service platforms has put a favorable impact in the healthcare industry.  

The first development era started when the majority of people were able to access the internet. Online web portals and services emerged to facilitate medical services. The innovations did not stop here. Smartphone era directs the medical field into the new dimension of having mobile-based health and fitness related apps.

The idea of merging the On-demand Services and health startup is facilitating the medical services anywhere, anytime.

Idea Initiate:

The majority of people do not prefer to visit doctors and hospitals unless they face severe illness. The main reason behind this common practice is that they don’t want to spend amount and time on a minor discomfort, which they think can be curable by just taking some self-medication and getting some rest.

Sometimes, these minor illnesses lead to life-threatening situations. Moreover, when people keep visiting hospitals for minor health problems, the hospitals become overcrowded. Patients who need medical care get neglected.

The emerge of digital health startups provide services via the internet using smartphones, which allows patients to communicate with their preferred doctors to get treatment. It gives them access to medical assistance to get treated by professional doctors at the convenience of their home.

On-Demand health startup:

On-demand health startup is a platform, where patients can schedule appointments with the available doctors to get treatment. Patients can consult via the app to medical professionals anywhere and anytime. The contact is either by chat, phone call or over video.

The On-demand platform proposes three ways to establish a connection between doctors and patients. That is:

Visiting hospital for the treatment:  

Patients can schedule and confirm appointments with doctors before a visit to nearby hospitals to avoid standing in long queues to see a doctor.

Consulting doctors over video calls:

If you are suffering minor illness and want to get a checkup, on-demand healthcare app for telemedicine services allows you to connect with Doctor via video call to have a meeting with your selected doctor.  On-demand healthcare app facilitates patients 24/7 with just a few taps.

Treatment Availability at the doorsteps:

Sometimes it is impossible to visit a hospital due to odd timing, lousy weather or conveyance issues. In this worrisome situation, patients can get on-demand healthcare services at their doorsteps in which doctors visit patients at their home to provide healthcare services.

Searching of Good Doctor:

Earlier it was too complicated to find the best doctor. You only had the option to rely on friends and family referrals or advice.  But, now due to On-demand healthcare platform, it is more comfortable to search a good doctor as you can choose the best doctor by checking patients review, or by getting referrals of those relatives who have taken their services with positive remarks about their services.

Upfront Fees:

Doctors can list their fees and patients can consult the most suitable doctors according to their budget. It eliminates the troublesome experience of fee negotiation later on. It makes the on-demand system transparent on both ends.


On-demand health startups connect the number of pharmacies on one platform, and thus creating a network of pharmacies. The patients can search the availability of required medicine on nearby stores or even get home delivery via an on-demand app.

The doctors and medical personnel, looking for a part-time job, or on a career break can earn via on-demand services to patients online or by visiting at their home. Thus, they can effectively utilize their idle time.

Expert medical services are easily accessible to patients primarily in case of emergency via digital platforms that allow patients to get services at their doorsteps by expert medical personnel. On-demand health startups make the digital healthcare system more transparent and well organized.


On-demand health startups are making consultation with the doctors more accessible. It is an affordable option to get medical aid and health facilities.

Now, in a few clicks, patients can get a prescription, doctors referral, checkup by an expert doctor or lab test results online. The On-demand health startup acts as one solution which is not only managing doctors, medical staff and hospital workflows but also providing several facilities to patients. On-demand healthcare services are ideal for those individuals who are interested in initiating their on-demand healthcare startups.

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