Massages are soothing and relaxing, it’s the best way to treat your body and have some me-time. Massages are completely harmless and have no side effects as well, which is the most enticing attribute of it, BUT if everything about massages is positive then why isn’t everybody heading towards the massage parlours or spas? YES, the answer in your mind is correct. People are so busy in their daily routines that they don’t bother giving time to themselves, we all have started to ignore ourselves. After a hectic busy day of work, we just don’t want to book a massage and go to the massage parlours or spas to get the service, they want massage on demand.

We want everything at the push of a button and the services to be provided wherever we are through on-demand massage service using on-demand massage app, we simply want to avoid the process of taking out the time for something, changing our schedule and specially going somewhere even if it is for our own good. This is the brutal reality of today’s life, but technology has proved to be a lifesaver once again. Through mobile applications, now the customers can simply book a massage in a matter of seconds and receive quality services from professional, fully background checked massage therapists wherever they want.

Zeel and Soothe are two awesome startups and the success of both these platforms proves that the on-demand massage services industry is a good one to invest your money in and this industry will now grow further as the demand for service is quite high and massage specialists also want to get more work as they don’t get enough customers in normal scenarios because people don’t want specially to go to the massage parlours.

So, every bridge connecting these two parties will have a lot of traffic for sure, it’s all about launching a good quality platform with a strong business model and advertising your platform in the right way. OD TAP is the best solution you can ever find for launching your own on-demand services platform, we can help you launch a high-quality platform for on-demand massage services, we will provide you with the complete turnkey solution having native mobile applications and a dynamic admin panel, any other added modules that you might want will also be provided by our expert team.

We can take Zeel and Soothe as our role models and develop something better than these platforms. Zeel raised $10 million in Series A round, which is pretty cool and defines the level of interest potential investors are taking in this particular industry. On the other hand, Soothe raised $35 million in Series B funding, and the users found Soothe massage app very useful, especially among any massage app for android. These stats make it very clear that this industry is a gold mine and entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists are targeting it, if a good platform with a strong business model is pitched to the investors they will surely take a lot of interest and they would be willing to invest their money in a growing business. These on-demand massage app like Uber, or massage therapy app like Uber benefit both customers and service providers/massage therapists and professionals using massage therapist booking system.

Customer can book a massage from right where they are by just choosing the preferred sex of the massage therapist, massage type, date and time at which they need the massage and service location. The request is confirmed by a nearby, available and fully background checked massage therapists who is a registered professional of the platform. The massage therapist then simply arrives at the service location on the scheduled date and time to give a soothing, relaxing massage to the customer, after that the customer pays for the service through the app, and different payment gateways can be integrated for this purpose while cash payments can also be accepted, all of which depends upon the business model of the platform. Once the payment is done the customer rates the massage therapist and posts a text review on the profile of the massage therapist. Massage therapists also rate the customer and write a text review when the job completes. To have a quality on-demand massage services platform developed, or any other on-demand service apps like on-demand car wash app or hair stylist app etc, contact us now as we would be more than happy to begin this joyful and successful journey with you.