Moving bulky stuff like couches, dining tables, and other furniture is a really difficult task and when you have to move a whole office or shift an apartment or house, then it becomes a really hectic job. All we can do in such situations is to either hire proper packing and moving companies who charge quite a lot or a second option is to ask for a favour from a friend, family member who has a truck. But now, moving bulky stuff is no longer a headache, you can have your stuff moved from one place to another in a short time with ease, and how is that possible?

That is possible through mobile apps, which connect customers looking for movers with truck owners ready to provide moving services such as through truck booking system, logistics booking system, logistics booking app solution, trucking dispatch software etc. All the customer has to do is select how much stuff they want to be moved, take a picture of the stuff that needs to be moved, select pick-up and drop-off locations, select whether they just want a truck with the driver or they want an extra helper (bellhop) and choose whether they want the moving services right now or at a later date and time.

Finally, the customer enters the amount of money they are willing to pay for the service (other procedures for calculating the service cost can also be implemented for example a bidding procedure, calculate service charge based on minute and miles +a flat charge per order etc. all this depends upon the business model of the platform). The customer generates the service request by providing the complete details of the order and the order then goes to the nearest available moving service provider available, the mover accepts the request and provides the service on time to get paid.

Packing and Moving business already exist but the mobile apps have given this industry a whole new look and turned it into a very potential industry for investment, especially centring around the on-demand economy like providing on-demand logistics app, on-demand truck booking app solution, on-demand office shifting service booking app solution, on-demand home shifting service dispatch app solution etc.

There are a lot of startups which capitalized on this opportunity and made the most out of it, this is a fact that they are doing quite well, for example take a look at LUGG, an on demand short distance moving services platform which raised $3.8 million in seed funding and with a strong business model using which they are flourishing. Similarly, BUDDYTRUK is another successful startup, which offers same moving services, and the platform has raised a total equity funding of $1.28 million. There are quite a few other on demand moving services platforms working on the same lines, for example DOLLY and GETPIKKUP.

The success of these platforms and the growth rate of this industry is quite astonishing and tempting, and there is no doubt about the fact that investors are taking too much interest in this particular industry because the ROI is amazingly high. This is the right time to make a move and have your own on-demand moving services platform developed an we can help you achieve that goal, providing you a truck app like Uber, logistics app like Uber, or a moving solution like Uber.

At OD TAP, we develop real time on-demand services platform and we will cooperate with you in helping you build your business in this particular industry, with a short turn over time our product shows the best results as our team specializes in delivering high quality products for our valued client, and only for moving, but also making massage app like Uber, technician app like Uber, laundry and dry-cleaning app like Uber and many more.

We follow proper processes and standards to surpass our client’s expectations every single time and provide them with a platform using which they could build a profitable business in a very short time. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll guide you and be with you at every single phase because our main goal is to deliver quality platforms and then make a successful business with collaboration. Made up your mind? Please get in touch, we are waiting for you.