Pet Care

Pets. We all love them, don’t we? There is no doubt that adorable pets are our best friends and they are like family to us all. A huge population in the world owns at least one or more pets, the percentage is around 57%, which means that more than half of the world’s population owns a pet. According to a recent research, the highest number of pet owners reside in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, followed by Russia and USA. A survey was conducted in 22 countries of the world with the highest pet ownership percentage and dogs were found to be the most popular pet among these 22 countries with the highest percentage of 33%, second in the list were cats with a percentage of 23%, then comes fish at 12%, birds with 6% and other pets with a percentage lower than 6%. Now, this survey clearly suggests that a huge number of people around the world own pets and this is also a fact that in today’s busy life nobody gets enough time to look after their pets and give them quality time.

We all get stuck in our busy schedules, at times we have to do late sittings in our offices to complete important tasks, we have important meetings to attend every now and then in a different city or state, in such situations the biggest concern and question in the mind of every responsible pet owner is, “Who will take care of my beloved pet since I won’t be there?” Then we start thinking about people who could do us a favour and take care of the pet, feed it on time, or take it out on a routine walk. Many times, after hours of calling and convincing, pet owners do find someone who is willing to take care of the pet in the owner’s absence but they don’t get lucky every single time and still the pet owners are worried at heart thinking whether the friend or family member would be able to take proper care in the right way or not because obviously they aren’t professionals. So, this problem gave birth to a whole new on-demand Pet Care Services Industry.

Technology is meant to make our daily lives easier and solve our problems, so why not solve this problem with the use of technology? YES, that is possible now! We know that there is a huge target market which is facing this problem, and all the pet owners around the world want a solution for this. A mobile platform can be developed which will connect pet owners with professional, trained and responsible pet care service providers, now this is a win-win situation for both pet owners and professional people who love pets and are available to be hired for dog walking and pet sitting, pet walking and other pet care services through the use of on-demand pet care booking app solution, on-demand pet doctors dispatch app solution, or on-demand pet doctor app solution, pet care booking and dispatch app solution etc.

How cool and convenient would that be for the pet owners to hire a professional person to look after their pet while they are gone and also receive real time updates on what’s going on and if they are being properly cared for. On the other hand, pet care service providers will gladly use this mobile application as they will have to do nothing to get new jobs, they will simply receive service requests from nearby customers and they will respond to them. Pet care service providers will have great time with the pets as it is their passion to be with pets and take care of them, and most importantly they will get paid for it as well.

This is a business opportunity and its full potential is yet to be explored, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and capitalists have the best opportunity of their lives to invest in this industry and make the most out of it, even allowing you to put special focus on cats and dogs by having cat sitter booking and dispatch app solution or dog walking app like Uber. It is already proved that this market has a lot of potential a number of similar pet care, dog walking, pet sitting services platforms that are successfully running in different countries, for example “Wag!”, “Barkly Pets”, and “Walkio”. All of the aforementioned examples show how well they are doing in on demand pet care, dog walking, pet sitting services industry, we can help you in launching an even better platform in your target market. Another great example of a very successful Brazilian pet-sitting marketplace is ‘DogHero’. DogHero raised a funding of $3.1 million which is an evidence and solid proof that there is a lot of room for on demand pet care services platform in the market.

At OD TAP we help our valued clients in building the best quality, real time on demand services platforms using our solution. You just need to have a strong business model, a mature marketing strategy and the best real-time solution to offer the best services with the best User Experience (UX) to flourish your business in this industry. We are here to help you out from start to end, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and not only for pet care, but also for tutor booking system, valet parking system, and moving solutions as well. Ready to launch your own real time on-demand dog walking app, dog care app, dog sitting app, or pet care app, pet walking app, pet sitter app, services platform? Contact us and together we’ll launch a sensational platform.