Education shapes our future, there is no doubt about it, but this is also a truth that you can’t learn everything on your own, there always comes a time when we need a teacher to explain things in a better way and help us understand the true meaning of whatever is written in our books.

In this era, school and college teachers have so much work to do and they don’t get enough time to pay attention to every individual student, so extra help is required to the students in order to perform well in their tests and exams, the students who give more time to their studies score high in their exams.

Now, if a student needs extra help then either the student or the student’s parents have to first of all search for an expert teacher of the particular subject(s) in which the student is facing some difficulty, this search process is very difficult and once a teacher is found he/she is hired immediately without a lot of background check because the student and the parents are worried about the educational progress of the student.

Some parents/students contact different tutoring agencies to hire an expert tutor but that is much more expensive. The best solution to tackle this problem was to create a link between the two parties i.e. Students/Student’s Parent and the Tutors. Mobile apps and technology helped in this sector as well through on-demand tutor app.

These platforms allow the students to search for nearby, qualified and background checked tutors and hire them immediately, the students can request for an immediate service and also schedule a tutoring session with the tutor at a later date and time.

Tutors have their own mobile app and web panel to interact with the system. Tutors also benefit from these platforms as they receive tutoring requests, which they can accept, deliver lectures, help the students and earn quick money for their services. Trying to get a tutoring app like Uber is not a dream anymore, as tutor booking system is available to be used, which is better than simple teacher apps of old days. In this on demand tutoring service domain there are mainly two different types of models.

First one allows the students to find a tutor of a particular subject, hire him/her and then consult with the tutor through the mobile application. The students can chat with the tutor, send images and attached files in other formats as well, the tutors then analyse the problem and guide the student. In the second model the student finds the most appropriate tutor, and then schedules a session with the tutor, the student selects a place where the lecture needs to be delivered.

So, when the scheduled time is near, the tutor arrives at the location selected by the student and helps the student with his/her homework or topic. The student then pays for the number of hours for which tutoring services were provided. In some cases, the tutor fixes the duration of the tutoring session and the cost.

This depends upon the business model of the platform owner, such as it being a tutor dispatch app solution, or maybe a tutor booking app solution etc. This industry is huge and it is only going to get bigger. On-demand tutor dispatch app solution and on-demand teacher booking system is becoming more and more common day-by-day, with business owners providing on-demand teacher booking app solution, or on-demand tutor booking software to step up in this market industry.

According to an article published on forbes.com, the global private tutoring market will surpass $102.8 billion by the year 2018. In the US, private tutoring is already a $7 billion industry, investors are investing quite a lot in this industry as they understand the potential of this industry, the success of a few startups is a clear evidence that anybody who chooses this on demand tutoring industry to invest in will not waste his/her money, an overwhelming return on investment is encouraging the investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to indulge themselves in this industry and be successful.

One of the most successful platforms in the on-demand tutor services industry is “Tutors”, tutors founder and CEO Dillon Rosenblatt secured $500,000 in funding with his idea and vision and today this platform has its own development team, marketing team and 1000 brand ambassadors as well.

Another great platform in this industry is: ‘Yup’, previously known as ‘MathCrunch’. Yup raised $3.5 million in seed funding and this extremely user-friendly app allows the students to take a picture of their problem and get immediate help to solve it, expert tutor is connected with the student in a matter of seconds, how cool is that!

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