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ODTap has developed winning on-demand applications and platforms to equip the service industry to provide Uber-like offerings.

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Allo Services

On-Demand Home Service App

Platform Details

Allo Services is an on-demand platform for home services, used by service providers and customers. The system overall is supposed to be working like a one-stop app for every home service needs. The users can find different services on-demand that he can get right now or schedule for a later date with credit card in-app payment system working like Uber. The user can book any service provider and can track him over the map, chat with him, and pay with the app and give feedback of the service.

Challenges Faced

The design was a challenge to reduce the process and the number of screens. Whereas while developing the system in real-time job allocation to service providers on different algorithms, and aligned them on one platform was a difficult thing. Get a free eBook for On-demand Home Services.

Solution provided

We accept all challenges as they make us grow. Our target is to accomplish every challenge in all possible manners, so we created a real-time socket based platform that provides seamless perfection in the system. On-demand platform creation is our core strength.

ODTap’s Platform Impact

Allo Services became a brand name for on-demand home service provider and now it works with different businesses and service providing companies as well as individual service providers to provide best services to customers without any hassle. Customers can just open the app and hire the best service provider.

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