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ODTap has developed winning on-demand applications and platforms to equip the service industry to provide Uber-like offerings.

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On-Demand Food and Beverage App

Platform Details

Eatalian is a platform for restaurants providing food and beverage delivery services. It has apps for customers and cashiers to allow discounts. Eatalian app is used for online dining guide, restaurant deals and as a microblog. It enables customers to check the restaurant ratings, reviews, menu, photos etc. The customers can get the latest promotion information and get in touch with the local community. Back offices are used by restaurant owners or admin for management of users, menu, deals, reviews, analytics, and marketing.

Challenges Faced

The challenge was more on the UI and UX side to craft a new of ordering, reviewing and community chat functionality on one platform. There were challenges to integrating local payment gateway ‘Doku’ as an in-app payment processor used in Indonesia. Get a free eBook for On-demand Food and Beverage Industry.

Solution provided

We focused more on user experience and platform application design to give a smooth look for users. The payment and ordering process needed to be as smooth as possible. We did through design and quality checks with our QA experts. This Eatalian app the user to buy deals and pay in their local currency so we integrated DOKU payment processor in the app.

ODTap’s Platform Impact

Desired results is a product of good effort. We gave our best from idea modeling, designing, code launch across all the development phases of Eatalian. It made a successful launch in Indonesia and empowered customers to indulge more in food orders according to their tastes.

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