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Trail Connect

On-Demand Offroaders app

Platform Details

TrailConnect is an enterprise app that allows offroaders a solution to keep on track and stay connected with the help of GPS. It help hiking and offroading interest people of all skills level. Whether you prefer to use a truck, jeep, ATV, dirt bike, or dune buggy, it does not matter as TrailConnect will keep all off-roaders connected. Use TrailConnect with online and offline capabilities to track and share trails with the entire TrailConnect community! You can also search through trails to find a new area to explore.

Challenges Faced

For an app like Trail Connect, the biggest challenge was to cache offline maps tiles inside the app to allow the user to check trail, make or attempt it even when there is no GPS/Internet connectivity. It was a tough thing to make a trail of continuously 24+ hours and save it in-app. Download and upload map tiles from or to the server in a form of chunks requires expertise. Get a free eBook for On-demand transport Service,

Solution provided

We have solved the first problem in a very elegant way and created a background library for map kit to track and save a few miles data in a specific range. The second problem to save large map data in the app was solved when we created sync library for map tiles to sync with the online server and transfer data using an optimized API to save extra usage of mobile resources.

ODTap’s Platform Impact

We tested the platform successfully and traveled from one city to another while using the app, made 48 hours trails without any problem, no crash, no battery drain. It was a great achievement of our Mapping Team. Our client was extremely happy and satisfied the app users as well.


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