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Potential of Underexplored On-demand Business Models

Uber, Grubhub, Postmates, and a bunch of other names hit our minds every time we hear the phrase “on-demand”. Taxi, logistics, and food delivery industries have entirely evolved into their on-demand business counterparts. Beauty and home services are also depicting impressive gains.

In the presence of these topline businesses, many other on-demand sectors are often overlooked. While most of these industries are reaching saturation point, some new arenas are starting to emerge. This article states five largely unnoticed industries where on-demand approach carries massive business potential.

Real-estate on-demand business

Depending on a third party broker to acquire property worth hundreds of grand poses huge risks. Besides, consumers feel displeasure over meeting sellers and dealers in-person at the cost of their time. Thus, they are adopting on-demand apps which enable them to connect to relevant personnel remotely.

Consumers want to learn about the policies surrounding real-estate deals. If you provide an on-demand app to assist buyers and sellers, you need to make sure that it offers information on legal matters.

Many on-demand real-estate companies are reaping the leverage of augmented reality. This technology allows customers to have a virtual tour of house through smartphones. Although customers cannot entirely rely on AR, yet it provides a decent starting point to shortlist houses before purchasing them.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence can also serve wonders in real-estate apps by sharing the most relevant results based on customers’ choice. It also enables them to find suitable brokers by identifying their price range and other specifications.

A number of successful case studies confirm that traditional real-estate industry will not last beyond 2022. Uber Real Estate and Connect Now (formerly CurbCall) are two notable examples. These services bring remarkable flexibility in connecting sellers, scheduling appointments, and providing virtual tours.

Uber for Construction

Every home or business owner has to go through complicated and annoying tasks of finding the appropriate construction agency. Apart from construction, they require painting and interior designing services. For absence of on-demand apps in this area, they end up physically exploring markets.

On-demand approach enables customers to optimize the construction process. Once you offer an app, owners can request quotes, communicate with contractors, and ensure safe payments with this app. The workers can also receive push notifications to ensure that they perform tasks within deadline.

Although websites also offer such services, yet mobile apps offer unparalleled user experience. On websites, the navigation between various pages takes more time while pages are less readable. In contrast, apps offer a personalized experience. Users can track the service agents in real-time like ride-hailing services. Both service providers and customers can have distinct profiles with entire history of working with various agents.

Many on-demand businesses are offering B2B delivery of building material. Construction agencies outsource the task of delivery to subcontractors. Thus, you may also grab such opportunities to earn via delivery services.

Print on-demand

Over 75% of businesses in the US with at least 10 employees are acquiring print on demand services. This business requires offering customization of shirts, caps, cups, and loads of other things. Moreover, companies also need documents with printed logos for branding purposes.

For comprehensiveness, you can provide delivery of items alongside printing. This service frees businesses from managing dedicated inventory and workforce. Instead, they can outsource these services to you once you offer them an on-demand app for the purpose.

The business does not necessarily have to target end-users. Instead, you may also work for retailers who sell your customized products. The apps for print on-demand bring significant convenience for customers as well as providers. Businesses which intend to develop brand recognition are not the only customers. Common people also use such services to get customized products.

However, the efficiency and interface of the app have to be flawless so that users do not end up quitting the app frustrated. Printful and Gooten are two noteworthy apps which offer on-demand printing and delivery facility.

On-demand business intelligence

If you possess the skills for business intelligence and data analytics, business intelligence on-demand can be one of the most revenue generating service. Businesses want to know the channels which are drawing traffic to their sites. They also need to determine the areas which are converting site visitors into customers. Thus, owing to significant digital expansion, business intelligence is becoming inevitable for both large-scale companies and SMEs.

Besides, the knowledge of BI is not essential. Your app may also serve as a marketplace for providers and service seekers. However, possessing BI skills pushes you to an undeniable advantage. You can offer user-friendly software-as-a-service tools so that companies lacking BI expertise can use these tools conveniently.

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