System Modules

ODTAP offers the best modules, the system is developed keeping all the user roles in mind to keep it the most user friendly and interactive system for each one of them

System Features

Features of a system is what keeps users engaged with it and compels them to use it again and again, at ODTAP we completely understand the importance of the product features, hence we only offer the best


Sign Up

Before you can start, you will need to sign up using your e-mail in order to use the application. The signup process is very simple.


Customer will only have to choose the service category, sub category and service location. Most appropriate service provider will be selected by the customer


You choose the date and time and schedule the service, this allows the system to find the best service providers available at the chosen time to avoid overlapping


The service provider didn’t arrive within the ETA displayed? Don’t worry; you can now track the service provider’s location in real time on the map


The matching algorithm takes service category, distance, time and other attributes into consideration and provides the customer with a list of appropriate service providers


Customer will be notified via the application. The notification will consist of the service provider’s name, phone number and ETA to service location


After the service has been done, you will be able to leave feedback, you will be able to rate the service provider and also write a text review


In order to make transaction easier, ODTAP offers integration with the local payment gateways and international payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree and Stripe etc. We highly recommend using our OD-cash payment service as well


Customers can get discounts by entering promo codes, users can share their invite promo codes to get discounts themselves and let their loved ones avail discount on first booking



First of all, you will have to sign up yourself as an individual service provider or a business in order to be included in the matching process

ODtap Screen
odtap signup
odtap Personal Information
odtap bank detials

New Job Request

Once you have signed up, you will be notified whenever a customer who is in need of your service generates a request. You will have the option to accept or reject the service request, in case the service request is accepted then the service provider will have to start moving towards the service location

Schedule Calender

As a service provider you can schedule your jobs by adding them in to your schedule calendar manually, the service request that are accepted by the provider are already to the schedule calendar. The system will directly skip your name on the date and time of the scheduled jobs so you won’t be receiving any orders at that particular time. The scheduled is always updated and maintained to avoid overlapping

Real Time Chat

Not sure what does the client want you to do or you are facing a problem in finding the customer’s house? You can directly contact them using our real time chat feature. Feel free to ask your questions. Don’t worry; the chat is encrypted with our latest encryption technologies

Job Reminders

Are you overflowing with job requests that you are having a hard time remembering what job comes after the last one? Don’t worry; the job reminder will keep you updated with the jobs that you have accepted


Service provider app will allow the service providers to see the service location highlighted on the map and the shortest route to reach there as well. Service provider will see himself/herself moving towards the service location in real time


In order to make payment easier, ODTAP has integration with local payment gateway and international payment gateway such as PayPal and Skrill in order to make payment easier. But we highly recommend you to use our OD-Cash payment system since there will be a nice surprise for you if you use it frequently.

Availability Management

Service Providers can very easily manage their availability, if a service provider is available to provide services then he/she can turn the availability on which will allow the customers to hire him. In case the service provider is busy then he can make himself unavailable