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Setting Up Right Business Model for Strategic Growth

People often ignore the term “Business Model” when discussing the corporate startups. Business model is an approach that explains the problem your business startup should address. It also focuses on the consumers, their capacity to pay for a product or service and level of product quality. However, you will require having an authentic and effective business model for it. OD TAP is looking forward to support the corporate clients using the modern technologies and approaches. We offer outstanding business solutions in the form of technologies and innovations. Let’s see some useful steps of Setting up Right business models.

Keep reserve auction:
It is an approach that forces the buyers to agree with terms and conditions set by seller. The price-sensitive purchaser can give recommendations about the price of a product or service. This gives birth to concept of Priceline Profits. Most of the price-sensitive and desperate buyers consider it more attractive because they think that it is giving them more advantage when booking hotels, getting rental cars and reserving air tickets. This business model has been verified by various businessmen and companies confirming the huge profits. Priceline Financial Statistics confirmed that an increase of 22 % to 45 % in stock price has heaped in last ten years just because of the right business model. Get OD TAP solutions to see the benefits of right business model for strategic growth.

Arrange demand aggregation:
Modern OD TAP business strategies tell the businessmen how to arrange the demand aggregation. You are suggested to create a platform for the buyers and sellers in order to make a corporate hub. This is the idea used by eBay to get attention. Similarly, PayPal used the security service to attract clients worldwide. Basically, these companies are using innovative economic approaches according to the consumer’s demand. PayPal increased its revenue up to 14 % with a large setup of employees (more than 33,500) and earned $480,000. All these things happened because of setting up right business Model.

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Cut product or service price:
Those who are using OD TAP business models know how price cut can give them a boost in economic world. In fact, businessmen cut prices to get the bigger industry share while hoping for financial profits in future. Startups with a new business model always suggest this approach. Always target the big markets and select the best services for consumers. Expand the product/service line as your company grows. This is Amazon’s business model which helped the company to get 27 % boost to generate a profit of $635,000. Contact with OD TAP to get ideas for strategic growth similar to examples quoted in this discussion.

Set modern corporate franchise:
When looking for the basics of business startups, it is recommended to see how Ray Kroc got the position of Golden Arches. Search the hungry investors, capitalists and entrepreneurs in the world. Give them share with a huge responsibility to find markets and buyers. Ray Kroc was limited to 4 % revenue growth from last ten years but they used this strategy to get 13 % increase in revenue (a total of $64,000). Giving 3 or 5 % out of 13 % to franchise holders was not a bad idea for Ray Kroc. OD TAP business models are very helpful to get and sustain the growth.

Why you need business models?
Using business models can support the businessmen and companies to get successful startups. On the other hand, business models also help the businessmen and firms (limited to low revenue growth) to achieve more without risking the investments. Contact OD TAP for successful business models. Our experts will produce business model development tips according to the financial and corporate situation of your company. Corporate firms and companies can touch the financial growth

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea