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4 Startups That Are Helping Your Kids Reach Their Favorite Destination

In the last three years, Zūm has carefully driven more than 500,000 children over 3 million miles without the need of their parents. The Uber-like service for kids guides kids ages 5 and up to and from school or to after-school activities, making it easier for working parents to balance schedules.

Rides with thoroughly evaluated drivers, in safe and well-inspected cars, start at just $8 per child for a one-way trip and $16 for a single ride if your driver does not carry other people’s children.

Zūm has signed 103 new school district partners in the last year and has spread its service to Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. It’s the excited squeals of parents across the country jumping up and down, hoping Zūm heads to their city next.

If you’ve quietly astonished how you manage to get an education, developed a completed professional life, balanced your marriage life, grown up the kids, and accumulated the mental and emotional characteristics to balance all of the above, you’re not alone. It’s a common abstain from parents everywhere. Uber-like services for kids are available all over the world. In this article, four startup ideas are available, all started by parents who decided there must be a better way.

Here are the 4 startups that are helping your kids reach their favorite destinations:

1. HopSkipDrive:

The company came as a result of the communication you’ve likely had: Parents at a kids’ birthday party speaking about driving their kids around. They imagined regarding hiring a bus and relieving themselves of days spent in the car. Founder and CEO Joanna McFarland started to consider the idea, ultimately making the company with Head of Policymaker and Advisor Janelle McGlothlin. HopSkipDrive began to experimenting with its very first ride in November 2014, then launched out of beta in March 2015.

The Los Angeles-headquartered, uber like services for kids, like its new local competitor Kango, is quick to ignore the often used “Uber for kids” explanation of its function.

HopSkipDrive’s three founders contemptuously label themselves “picky moms” for their security rules. The certification process for new “core drivers” includes 15 obligations, including five years of childcare knowledge, a real love of kids confirmed through personal interviews, clearance through TrustLine, which is a powerful caregiver clearance system related to the Department of Justice fingerprint database, a good driving history, around 23 years age, and having a car that cannot be more than ten years old, among others.

The two-year-old company, unlike Uber or Lyft, they’re not just carrying and delivering children. Their drivers will do things that a nurse do, like sign a kid in and out at school, or take a child in a friend’s house to assure a parent is at home. Those directions are issued when customers book rides, pre-scheduled at least eight hours in advance.

Its app is combined with ZenDrive, so that a parent can track a child’s ride, following a child in a car moving over a digital map in real time from inside HopSkipDrive’s. ZenDrive’s technology also flags HopSkipDrive administration with any unexpected turns, unapproved route options, and private mobile phone use by the driver. Now, In Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Francisco Bay Area, the average cost in all markets is $25. The least price is $16 for a single family or $7 for carpool. Next in the pipeline is expanding its partnerships with schools. The company just declared a strategic investment from Student Transportation Inc., a school transportation service provider, and manager.

HopSkipDrive also achieved a contract with the County of Los Angeles to transport foster kids to school, part of a federal commission with practices aimed at increasing equity in education.


Also allowing scheduled rides for California children, Kango was established in San Francisco in fall 2015 by Sara Schaer and Kaliyuga Sivakumar, both Snapfish alums. This year the service extended to Los Angeles, where it could cut in on-demand now supplied by HopSkipDrive.

Furthermore, Kango proposes official childcare. Sitter rates are per-hour, so far equalizing $20 per hour for one child. Ride charges are based on time and distance at a rate of $16. The monthly membership fee is $9.

The company promises to set itself independently by offering rides to all ages, even children, though it demands that a parent or guardian conduct kids under the age of two. All drivers have booster seats; advanced booking is required to get proper car seats for babies.

Kango hires drivers with extensive experience in driving and caregiving, including the use of TrustLine, but has an expertise requirement of three years rather than five. It allows parents to follow the ride in its app. In an interview for a new driver, Kango allows clients the option of a free trip to observe a driver in action.

3.See Jane Go:

At the edge of both HopSkipDrive and Kango is See Jane Go. Offering on-demand and pre-scheduled ride-hail with background-checked female drivers to mature female customers in Southern California’s Orange County. The organization will experiment with pre-scheduled rides for youths in its teen pilot program. Age for eligibility is 12 to 17.

4. GoKid:

Founder and CEO Stefanie Lemcke was influenced to improve somehow the general way of moving kids. Then a media executive woman, who at first lived in New York City and then Connecticut, was frustrated by how we otherwise forward-thinking Americans waste so many hours hauling our children around.

She leveraged her experience of digital products into GoKid to create a highly effective carpool organizer, controllable via smartphone or desktop. Lemcke said that unlike ride services, there is no cost to calculate referring to the many working parents who can’t commute their kids around, but can’t manage a driver or ride-hail service either. They’re also too involved to network with other parents. That’s where her app comes in. Parents can invite existing friends to their carpool circles for uber like services for kids, or connect via schools.

Available in both iOS and Android, GoKid’s first app is free. Premium characteristics are being developed. Through the free account, one can track a ride in real time, optimize a route, and message other users.

You can get a similar Uber-like app developed for your business and provide services to any age-group. Contact us to learn more about the on-demand solution provided by ODTap.

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