Outdoor Services

Chore Relief platform helps the customers in getting their daily life chores done without any hassle, on the other hand the service providers can receive more service Read More..
requests each day and they can make good amount of money by using the provider app. This platform is not only making the lives of the customers easier by helping them in getting their important chores done, it is also a great source of income for the service providers as they can reach out to more customers and offer their services Read Less

Doctor Services

ApproXie is an on-demand healthcare service with an iPhone app which allows patients to immediately find qualified doctors in the area, Read More..
with the ability to set their search distance radius, saving time spent searching for one while driving to hospitals and wasting time in waiting rooms. This service reduces the doctor patient gap, as you don’t have to get yourself checked by different doctors at different times. Using this application, users can search the type of doctor they are looking for and select from listed doctors by their own choice. The highlight is that only highly qualified and professional doctors can be a part of this platform, which provides assurity to the patients. Read Less

Transportation Services

RYDR, as the name suggests, is an on-demand transportation and marketplace service, allowing bike riders and customers Read More..
to enjoy easy and good transportation accommodation. Addressing the common issues faced by customers on a regular basis, RYDR decided to do something that would benefit both bikers and people who lack any means of transport. Initially starting with only two services, for their on-demand platform, transport and parcel delivery, RYDR gained immense popularity and expanded its services to further include more like distributing items, receiving tickets, submitting utility bills, food delivery, job hunting etc. Read Less

Automobile Services

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to pedicab or horse-cab around someplace while enjoying the beautiful sight? Read More..
Well, now you ride with Rydr, as they provide these on-demand services alongside the traditional economy cab rides. That’s not all, with Rydr you can keep a track of location and nearby surroundings. This on-demand service platform provides good earning along with ease and comfort to the riders as well as drivers, thanks to its referral program, which is built using MLM strategy. Read Less

Photography Services

A tour of Paris is something that every couple dreams of, especially newlyweds, as it is a hot spot for honeymoon in all the world. Read More..
And you need to build memories there to cherish for life. We all know the best way to do that is by capturing the moment in the form of pictures, but the true sense of the moment is hard to convey in a photo unless it is taken accurately. To avoid facing this sort of problem, our photography services offer an excellent on-demand solution. Read Less


Airport Shuttle

Education shapes our future, there is no doubt about it, but this is also a truth that you can’t learn everything on your own, there always comes a time when we need a teacher to explain things in a better way and help us understand the true meaning of whatever is written in our books.

In this era, school and college teachers have so much work to do and they don’t get enough time to pay attention to every individual student, so extra help is required to the students in order to perform well in their tests and exams, the students who give more time to their studies score high in their exams.

Now, if a student needs extra help then either the student or the student’s parents have to first of all search for an expert teacher of the particular subject(s) in which the student is facing some difficulty, this search process is very difficult and once a teacher is found he/she is hired immediately without a lot of background check because the student and the parents are worried about the educational progress of the student.

Some parents/students contact different tutoring agencies to hire an expert tutor but that is much more expensive. The best solution to tackle this problem was to create a link between the two parties i.e. Students/Student’s Parent and the Tutors. Mobile apps and technology helped in this sector as well through on-demand tutor app.

These platforms allow the students to search for nearby, qualified and background checked tutors and hire them immediately, the students can request for an immediate service and also schedule a tutoring session with the tutor at a later date and time.

Tutors have their own mobile app and web panel to interact with the system. Tutors also benefit from these platforms as they receive tutoring requests, which they can accept, deliver lectures, help the students and earn quick money for their services. Trying to get a tutoring app like Uber is not a dream anymore, as tutor booking system is available to be used, which is better than simple teacher apps of old days. In this on demand tutoring service domain there are mainly two different types of models.

First one allows the students to find a tutor of a particular subject, hire him/her and then consult with the tutor through the mobile application. The students can chat with the tutor, send images and attached files in other formats as well, the tutors then analyse the problem and guide the student. In the second model the student finds the most appropriate tutor, and then schedules a session with the tutor, the student selects a place where the lecture needs to be delivered.

So, when the scheduled time is near, the tutor arrives at the location selected by the student and helps the student with his/her homework or topic. The student then pays for the number of hours for which tutoring services were provided. In some cases, the tutor fixes the duration of the tutoring session and the cost.

This depends upon the business model of the platform owner, such as it being a tutor dispatch app solution, or maybe a tutor booking app solution etc. This industry is huge and it is only going to get bigger. On-demand tutor dispatch app solution and on-demand teacher booking system is becoming more and more common day-by-day, with business owners providing on-demand teacher booking app solution, or on-demand tutor booking software to step up in this market industry.

According to an article published on forbes.com, the global private tutoring market will surpass $102.8 billion by the year 2018. In the US, private tutoring is already a $7 billion industry, investors are investing quite a lot in this industry as they understand the potential of this industry, the success of a few startups is a clear evidence that anybody who chooses this on demand tutoring industry to invest in will not waste his/her money, an overwhelming return on investment is encouraging the investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to indulge themselves in this industry and be successful.

One of the most successful platforms in the on-demand tutor services industry is “Tutors”, tutors founder and CEO Dillon Rosenblatt secured $500,000 in funding with his idea and vision and today this platform has its own development team, marketing team and 1000 brand ambassadors as well.

Another great platform in this industry is: ‘Yup’, previously known as ‘MathCrunch’. Yup raised $3.5 million in seed funding and this extremely user-friendly app allows the students to take a picture of their problem and get immediate help to solve it, expert tutor is connected with the student in a matter of seconds, how cool is that!

Impressed with the potential of this private tutoring industry? Thinking to launch your own platform and be the next famous entrepreneur? Well, that is possible with OD TAP, we are offering the best services to develop real time on demand services platforms in every industry, be it a valet parking software, road assistance app solution, or maybe even a dog walking app solution.

We use the best tools and technologies to make sure that our delivered platforms are fast, efficient and perform well even when there is a huge number of service requests need to be catered at the same time. So, don’t wait, it’s time to activate. Contact us and we’ll build a successful platform together, that’s a promise.

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Moving bulky stuff like couches, dining tables, and other furniture is a really difficult task and when you have to move a whole office or shift an apartment or house, then it becomes a really hectic job. All we can do in such situations is to either hire proper packing and moving companies who charge quite a lot or a second option is to ask for a favour from a friend, family member who has a truck. But now, moving bulky stuff is no longer a headache, you can have your stuff moved from one place to another in a short time with ease, and how is that possible?

That is possible through mobile apps, which connect customers looking for movers with truck owners ready to provide moving services such as through truck booking system, logistics booking system, logistics booking app solution, trucking dispatch software etc. All the customer has to do is select how much stuff they want to be moved, take a picture of the stuff that needs to be moved, select pick-up and drop-off locations, select whether they just want a truck with the driver or they want an extra helper (bellhop) and choose whether they want the moving services right now or at a later date and time.

Finally, the customer enters the amount of money they are willing to pay for the service (other procedures for calculating the service cost can also be implemented for example a bidding procedure, calculate service charge based on minute and miles +a flat charge per order etc. all this depends upon the business model of the platform). The customer generates the service request by providing the complete details of the order and the order then goes to the nearest available moving service provider available, the mover accepts the request and provides the service on time to get paid.

Packing and Moving business already exist but the mobile apps have given this industry a whole new look and turned it into a very potential industry for investment, especially centring around the on-demand economy like providing on-demand logistics app, on-demand truck booking app solution, on-demand office shifting service booking app solution, on-demand home shifting service dispatch app solution etc.

There are a lot of startups which capitalized on this opportunity and made the most out of it, this is a fact that they are doing quite well, for example take a look at LUGG, an on demand short distance moving services platform which raised $3.8 million in seed funding and with a strong business model using which they are flourishing. Similarly, BUDDYTRUK is another successful startup, which offers same moving services, and the platform has raised a total equity funding of $1.28 million. There are quite a few other on demand moving services platforms working on the same lines, for example DOLLY and GETPIKKUP.

The success of these platforms and the growth rate of this industry is quite astonishing and tempting, and there is no doubt about the fact that investors are taking too much interest in this particular industry because the ROI is amazingly high. This is the right time to make a move and have your own on-demand moving services platform developed an we can help you achieve that goal, providing you a truck app like Uber, logistics app like Uber, or a moving solution like Uber.

At OD TAP, we develop real time on-demand services platform and we will cooperate with you in helping you build your business in this particular industry, with a short turn over time our product shows the best results as our team specializes in delivering high quality products for our valued client, and only for moving, but also making massage app like Uber, technician app like Uber, laundry and dry-cleaning app like Uber and many more.

We follow proper processes and standards to surpass our client’s expectations every single time and provide them with a platform using which they could build a profitable business in a very short time. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll guide you and be with you at every single phase because our main goal is to deliver quality platforms and then make a successful business with collaboration. Made up your mind? Please get in touch, we are waiting for you.

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Home Services

Finding a parking spot in a busy area can be hectic, we all want to avoid parking tickets and at the same time we want our cars to be parked at a safe place as well. Considering the rate with which the number of cars and traffic is increasing, finding a parking spot in the future will be an even more difficult task.

It’s in human nature that we look for a feasible solution for our problems and the only way to solve this car parking problem is to handover your car keys to a responsible and professional valet, as there is no other way to solve this problem because the number of cars is increasing day by day, construction of parking plazas is not easy and it is a very slow process, we also can’t leave our cars behind because nowadays having a car has become a necessity more than a luxury.

Now in this situation, if finding a professional valet is the only solution then there has to be bridge between the customers and the valet service providers so that the customer could immediately hire a valet without a problem and the valet drivers to accept the job and arrive at the location where the customer will leave their car.

Technology solved this issue as well and allowed the customers and the valets to connect with each other through mobile applications, and finding a professional valet immediately is really a piece of cake now. We have seen a rapid rise in valet parking system and valet parking software, with many organizations offering professional valet services through their own valet parking service app platform, and some even going for on-demand luxury valet parking software instead of a simple valet parking app. For any luxury valet parking dispatch app solution, the business growth and market competition has only gone up, and shows no way of stopping any time soon. Whereas the workflow of any valet booking software remain consistent.

All the customer has to do is select the date and time and the location where the valet has to arrive and take the car from the customer. The customer simply walks off and hands over the car to the valet, valet then parks the car in one of the secure parking lots, customer can then request to get the car back anytime, anywhere and the valet then drives the car to the customer’s location and gets paid.

A lot of other services are now included in this valet parking service domain, for example the customers can also request to refuel the car, wash the car, park the car overnight at a secure parking lot etc. Some on demand valet parking services platforms charge hourly for these services and some charge a fixed price for each service.

All in all, this industry is big and it’s growing huge. We can judge the potential of this industry by looking at a few on demand valet service startups like LUXE, which raised $25 million till the first quarter of the year 2016 and is seeking a lot more to make this platform even bigger and expand the network. Valet Anywhere, another startup in this domain, closed its seed funding at $1.35 million in 2015 and since then it has been one of the successful platforms along with LUXE.

These platforms give every sense of security to the customer as they offer insurance policies so the customer knows that his/her car is in good hands and won’t be damaged by the professionals and even if something bad happens, the company will pay for it. This allows the customers to trust these on demand valet service providing companies with their most expensive and luxury cars.

To run a successful on demand valet services platform you need to have a strong business model and we at OD TAP, help our clients in finding the best and most appropriate business model which works perfectly in their targeted market, be it an on-demand mechanic app, logistics booking system, or a laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery system. So, wait no more and contact us, we will provide you with the complete solution, which will be developed using the best tools and technologies. You will receive customer and valet driver apps along with a dynamic back-office for the system administrator to manage everything.

OD TAP is renowned for its end to end services, we don’t only deliver the platform to our valued customers we help them build their business and run their platform successfully, because for us giving value to the client is the most important thing, and we do everything with full responsibility to make sure that we deliver nothing but the best to each and every client. Ping us for more details and further discussion, we’ll help you in developing the strongest and the most efficient real time on demand valet service platform.

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Pets. We all love them, don’t we? There is no doubt that adorable pets are our best friends and they are like family to us all. A huge population in the world owns at least one or more pets, the percentage is around 57%, which means that more than half of the world’s population owns a pet. According to a recent research, the highest number of pet owners reside in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, followed by Russia and USA. A survey was conducted in 22 countries of the world with the highest pet ownership percentage and dogs were found to be the most popular pet among these 22 countries with the highest percentage of 33%, second in the list were cats with a percentage of 23%, then comes fish at 12%, birds with 6% and other pets with a percentage lower than 6%. Now, this survey clearly suggests that a huge number of people around the world own pets and this is also a fact that in today’s busy life nobody gets enough time to look after their pets and give them quality time.

We all get stuck in our busy schedules, at times we have to do late sittings in our offices to complete important tasks, we have important meetings to attend every now and then in a different city or state, in such situations the biggest concern and question in the mind of every responsible pet owner is, “Who will take care of my beloved pet since I won’t be there?” Then we start thinking about people who could do us a favour and take care of the pet, feed it on time, or take it out on a routine walk. Many times, after hours of calling and convincing, pet owners do find someone who is willing to take care of the pet in the owner’s absence but they don’t get lucky every single time and still the pet owners are worried at heart thinking whether the friend or family member would be able to take proper care in the right way or not because obviously they aren’t professionals. So, this problem gave birth to a whole new on-demand Pet Care Services Industry.

Technology is meant to make our daily lives easier and solve our problems, so why not solve this problem with the use of technology? YES, that is possible now! We know that there is a huge target market which is facing this problem, and all the pet owners around the world want a solution for this. A mobile platform can be developed which will connect pet owners with professional, trained and responsible pet care service providers, now this is a win-win situation for both pet owners and professional people who love pets and are available to be hired for dog walking and pet sitting, pet walking and other pet care services through the use of on-demand pet care booking app solution, on-demand pet doctors dispatch app solution, or on-demand pet doctor app solution, pet care booking and dispatch app solution etc.

How cool and convenient would that be for the pet owners to hire a professional person to look after their pet while they are gone and also receive real time updates on what’s going on and if they are being properly cared for. On the other hand, pet care service providers will gladly use this mobile application as they will have to do nothing to get new jobs, they will simply receive service requests from nearby customers and they will respond to them. Pet care service providers will have great time with the pets as it is their passion to be with pets and take care of them, and most importantly they will get paid for it as well.

This is a business opportunity and its full potential is yet to be explored, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and capitalists have the best opportunity of their lives to invest in this industry and make the most out of it, even allowing you to put special focus on cats and dogs by having cat sitter booking and dispatch app solution or dog walking app like Uber. It is already proved that this market has a lot of potential a number of similar pet care, dog walking, pet sitting services platforms that are successfully running in different countries, for example “Wag!”, “Barkly Pets”, and “Walkio”. All of the aforementioned examples show how well they are doing in on demand pet care, dog walking, pet sitting services industry, we can help you in launching an even better platform in your target market. Another great example of a very successful Brazilian pet-sitting marketplace is ‘DogHero’. DogHero raised a funding of $3.1 million which is an evidence and solid proof that there is a lot of room for on demand pet care services platform in the market.

At OD TAP we help our valued clients in building the best quality, real time on demand services platforms using our solution. You just need to have a strong business model, a mature marketing strategy and the best real-time solution to offer the best services with the best User Experience (UX) to flourish your business in this industry. We are here to help you out from start to end, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and not only for pet care, but also for tutor booking system, valet parking system, and moving solutions as well. Ready to launch your own real time on-demand dog walking app, dog care app, dog sitting app, or pet care app, pet walking app, pet sitter app, services platform? Contact us and together we’ll launch a sensational platform.

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Any machine can stop working at any time even if it’s produced by the company offering the best quality, a machine produced by a good quality company can have a low probability of producing a fault and it can be more reliable as compared to others but still nobody can trust it 100%. Imagine yourself driving on a road with no traffic and your car breaks down, you can’t understand the reason why it happened and there is nobody to help. How will you get help in a situation like this?

You will obviously call a family member or a friend who could do you a favour and bring a mechanic to fix your car, bring a tow truck along with them or you’ll have to call some tow truck company to send a tow truck your way in order to tow your car and drop it off at the nearest workshop. Help will take time to arrive in this scenario and the people coming to help you will have a hard time in finding you BUT what if you had a mobile application using which you could request the nearest available tow truck driver/mechanic to come and help you, the mechanic/tow truck driver would’ve received the service request immediately and he would’ve been off to help you in a flash. Yes, that would’ve been so feasible and comforting.

Now, with the use of technology it is possible, on demand roadside assistance services industry is huge and a number of platforms are providing their services to the stranded customers and generating great amount of revenues, such as through on-demand car repair app, on-demand road assistance app, on-demand mechanic app etc. These are real life problems; cars do produce issues and most of the times it happens when we are in the middle of the road and unexpectedly the car just stops and it doesn’t start again.

At times we forget to refuel our car and just drive off to a faraway station in a hurry then we realize that there is no fuel in the car’s tank, sometimes the tire punctures and there is no spare tire. Roadside assistance apps are extremely handy in such situations; they connect customers with nearby mechanics/tow truck drivers and workshops. On the other hand, the service providers get much more service requests, they can do a lot more jobs and earn more as well.

In the US, roadside assistance industry is worth $10 billion and it is still growing, although with the passage of time the cars will be safer and reliable but still the overall number of cars is increasing and so are their problems, now more people are found stranded with a punctured tire, technical problem or the ones who ran out of fuel.

This industry is inviting investors; venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to have their own real time on demand roadside assistance services platforms developed and launched in potential markets with a strong business model, based around making road assistance app like Uber, mechanic app like Uber, mobile technician app like Uber, valet parking app like Uber, or tutoring app like Uber etc.

Nowadays, growing a network of service providers to entertain the customer’s requests is not a big deal, all it requires is a strong marketing strategy. Take HONK as an example. Offering on-demand tow truck booking app solution, this startup was launched in 2014, it raised a seed funding of $1.8 million and it claimed to have a nationwide network of 20,000 tow and roadside assistance drivers in less than a year. There is no doubt that the potential of this particular industry is yet to be explored around the world.

Mechanics, tow truck and roadside assistance drivers would love to use an application which will help them get more frequent work, customer will also appreciate a quick and seamless service provided by professionals. Most of the on-demand roadside assistance platforms available in the market are providing services for: Jump-starting the car, opening the lock in case of a lock out, delivering a spare tire in case of getting a flat tire, fuel delivery if the customer runs out of fuel, and towing service in case of a car accident or breakdown, are all found in any road assistance dispatch system, road assistance booking system, mechanic booking system etc.

To make your platform standout form the rest you can also offer additional services to your valued customers like services of a professional and experienced mechanic to get your car running again or you can also offer a special pick-up service in which your service provider would pick-up the customer and drop him/her off at their desired location so that their precious time is not wasted and while the customer is busy doing some important stuff, the mechanic fixes the car and then drives it to the customer’s location, and include all these in your tow truck app solution, tow truck dispatch app solution, or mechanic booking app solution etc.

OD TAP is the most appropriate solution for real time on demand services no matter which industry you are targeting and what kind of service(s) you want to offer. Our team of experts will not only help you in developing a quality platform, we will be with you through the whole process and help you build your business and run it successfully. This really is an opportunity of a lifetime; contact us and we will show you a whole new world of success and prosperity.

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