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On-Demand Home Services

The Causes and Effects of On-Demand Home Services

The world is transforming at a drastic pace. One of the primary indications is the interest of consumers in acquiring on-demand services. People rarely perform the trivial tasks involving searching an appropriate individual or contractor. They need assistance which is trustworthy and accessible from the comfort of their homes.

There are many causes which stir-up the need among consumers for on-demand services.

  1. The routine of an urban settler is too tiresome that one loses the motivation to search and acquire home services physically.
  2. Time is a highly valuable resource, and citizens want to spend it wisely.
  3. The indirect costs for searching and paying the conventional service-providers are significantly higher than that of on-demand services.
  4. Most of the contractors providing traditional home services are strangers to their hosts. Thus, there is a considerable trust deficit.
  5. There are no predefined standards to check the pricing details of companies. Hence, the consumers develop a fear of excessive charges.
  6. Lack of feedback mechanism allows the workers to evade without performing up to the mark.

Fortunately, this age of technology is capable of providing such relief to consumers. Some sagacious business owners are already earning significant revenue by providing the services through a purpose-built mobile application for on demand home services. Experts forecast the on-demand market to reach $435 billion by 2021 if it continues to grow at the current rate. However, the demand for online services is big enough that the supply of services would still be falling short.

Considering the business potential of the on-demand industry, following are some of the most sought-after and, hence, profiteering startup ideas for the upcoming years.

Event Management

The tasks of management of birthday parties, wedding anniversaries or another kind of gathering require extensive planning and precise management. The family members often struggle to ensure success of such events when they try to work out the solutions themselves. Moreover, the tasks of cleaning the house add to the workload of already tired inhabitants.

An effective mobile application offering on-demand services for event management can minimize the work pressure on users so that they can enjoy the moments instead of stressing about pending duties. Some of such applications have succeeded in creating a significant customer base. The consumer can acquire one of the various packages offered by the companies which include pre-event and post-event services.

Car Repair

Many of the car owners prefer to travel by local transport because they do not want to face the responsibility of vehicle maintenance. The breaking down of the car when needed is highly annoying and invites great trouble for the owners. The traditional way is to tow the vehicle to an auto repair shop or call the auto mechanic in town.

Each of these tasks involved in the traditional ways of car repair consumes a substantial amount of time and energy. The consequent exhaustion makes the owner decide against owning a vehicle.

A purpose-built car repair application can provide a swift and effective solution. The application should have the ability for the consumer to share the location and the behavior of vehicle so that the mechanic reaches the location with an appropriate set of tools. The functionalities to share feedback and track the current location of consumer and mechanic can further reduce the problem.

Electrical and Plumbing Services

The electrical issues do not only arise in the urban setting but the suburban and country-sides as well. Same goes with the plumbing menaces. A small fraction of families in the US and Europe has members who can efficiently perform these tasks. Many immature members try to fix the problem but end up exacerbating it due to inexperience. This need for self-service is invoked because the families do not trust workers who claim to be professionals without appropriate certification.

Efficiently built software is welcomed by the consumers who are seeking professional services. Even in the wildest locations of the world, there would rarely be a community without electricity and drainage system. This massive industry has, thus far, remained neglected by the startups but keeps an incredible potential to grow into the one worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Laundry Services

It is close to impossible for the inhabitants of the civilized communities to live without doing laundry. However, multiple survey reports indicate that people consider doing laundry as one of the tasks invoking most boredom. They require someone to perform this task for them. Many of those questioned were also convinced to pay twice as much as they pay to their nearest laundry service-provider.

In such favorable circumstances, it is highly unlikely that a mobile application providing on-demand home services would fail to make an early and significant return. The entrepreneur investing in such an application would not only be earning a considerable amount of money but would be serving to solve one of the essential problems of community as well.

Health Services

One would rarely come around a home where none of the family members is suffering from either minor or significant disease, illness or injury. Many members undertake self-medication to prevent time spent in traveling to health centers. This negligence allows a small health situation to grow into a huge mess.

Nevertheless, the families would welcome a service where the health practitioner travels and assesses the patient at one’s home instead of the other way round. If the application developer is wise enough, even the need of doctor would be rare as the artificially intelligent application would share appropriate recommendation after evaluating the symptoms and history of patient.

Word of Wisdom

Some of the on-demand home services startups fail to win the consumers’ trust despite having a highly skilled workforce at their disposal because the application software is not effectively built. Mobile application for such purposes will be successful when it features the proofs of certification of employees and runs smoothly on mobiles regardless of the platform of consumer’s mobile. Moreover, the software should not crash, and the chatbots should immediately respond to the customers’ queries. Finally, the application should provide impregnable data security and the ability for consumers to track their request.

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    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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