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On-demand Services in Africa

The Rise of On-Demand Services in Africa

Africa has been at the forefront of adapting to new ways of doing business now for the past 15 years, but nothing has expedited this trend more than the Covid-19 Pandemic. Over the last 2 months, every single business entity has been striving to pivot their way of working towards the new normal, and on-demand services have the potential to play a large part in enabling that.

On-Demand Services are roughly defined as services facilitating an impulse demand of the consumer. In conventional businesses, a demand generation is a conscious, planned effort; spread out over a comparatively long period of time (e.g. planning to rent a car; planning to rent a DVD), whereas the On-Demand paradigm facilitates meeting impulsive demands almost instantaneously using technology and crowd-sourcing (i.e. using the concept of the gig economy to on-board service providers, and avail there services as soon as the demand is generated).

Initially exhibited by Netflix in 2007 (as they moved from a DVD Rental to an online movie delivery model), this term was coined and picked up by almost every industry vertical in the preceding years. From Uber (On-Demand Mobility), to Airbnb (On-Demand Hotel Accommodation); from Fiverr (On-Demand Freelancing), to Zomato (Food On-Demand Business Model); there is hardly any industry vertical out there now that hasn’t been impacted by this concept.

However, while On-Demand Services were a nicety initially, they are now urgently shifting towards become the new norm in the current (and post Covid-19) era. While the initial focus of On-Demand Service Providers was on scaling to meet increasing top-line revenue (and growth) targets, the current shift is now focused on saving lives. And nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in Continental Africa.

The challenges in meeting this aggressive demand are unique; specifically due to the inherent geographic and demographic needs of the customers. Africa has been pivoting towards the digital workspace since 2018. The “Future of Work: Exploring the African Digital Work Landscape Report 2018” published by Disrupt Africa (Available here) states the remarkable increase in digital ventures between 2015 and 2017. Initially, the market leaders had been South Africa and Nigeria, with Kenya and Egypt following at a close second. However, with the Covid 19 Pandemic, the entire continent has seen a rise in the need for such services.

The key industry verticals that are exhibiting the highest demand are:

  • On-Demand Food
  • On-Demand Groceries, and
  • On-Demand Pharmaceuticals

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The common denominator prevalent across these verticals is Social Distancing. The masses are apprehensive in socially congregating in restaurants, or in grocery stores. The trend is even more alarming while buying medicines (since most people believe the chances of catching the virus is higher in pharmacies or hospitals)..

Sadly, the brick and mortar businesses within these 3 verticals are the ones that have been the least equipped in meeting these challenges. These conventional businesses have been dependent upon 3rd party white label platforms, but even those are failing to cater to the specific customized requirements that are the need of the hour presently. For more details on features of each component, please download the market study.

ODTap™ is the flagship on-demand product framework of Mobinspire. Since 2009, Mobinspire has been in the business of enabling startups and scaleups alike to pivot towards the on-demand economy. Never before has the need for such platforms been more important than the present. Using their 12+ years of experience in helping brick-and-mortar business jump upon the On-Demand Bandwagon, we’re now assisting conventional businesses pivot towards the new norm.

Meeting your demands using our ODTap™ Framework lies smack right in the middle of an approach using a Bespoke Solution, and a White Label one. Where a Bespoke solution provides a customized platform to meet all the inherent needs of a business, it does so with a longer turnaround time, and higher costs. White label on-demand delivery solutions, while being off-the-shelf (and cheaper), don’t allow scaling easily, and inherently tend to crumble upon advanced customization.

Mobinspire’s ODTap™ Framework sits in the middle of these 2 worlds. With all necessary components already built, it is quick enough to be developed faster and cheaper than a bespoke solution, whereas it is flexible enough to incorporate all the requirements of your business in a manner that is never exhibited by a rigid, white label product.

The toughest times produce the smartest leaders. It is time that the traditional business owners jump onto the on-demand bandwagon. This transformation would not only save them from dipping into losses for lack of in-person consumer footfalls, but increase their profits manifold instead.

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