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Tutor app like uber

Tutor App Business Model and Innovative Features

The impact of smartphones apps is engulfing every industry including transportation, logistics, education, and healthcare among others. Developers are offering educational apps for over a decade, but accessing remote teachers is relatively new. Academicians believe a tutor app like Uber – which allows users to acquire services through smartphone – will assist students significantly. Meanwhile, the owners of such an app will earn big time.

Many developers have already introduced tutor apps, and some of them are doing very well. Gooroo App, Whiz Tutor, and Tútit are three of the successful examples of on-demand tutor app.

This article briefly shares the ingredients of success for tutor apps before sharing various business models.

Why will traditional tutoring model eventually fail?

On-demand services are penetrating in all walks of consumers’ lives. These services using smart devices as mediums are successful because they save time as well as costs.

There is barely a reason for consumers to stick to traditional means of services unless they own such a business. Parents want each child to get more attention from teachers. Although most teachers put extra bit of efforts, yet addressing the individual shortcomings of students is intensely challenging. Thus, parents prefer acquiring tutoring services.

However, allowing tutors at home compromises privacy. Besides, on-premises tutors also put a hard shot on customers’ wallet.

Tutor apps do not only benefit elementary school students. Such apps are bringing huge relief for college students and full-time employees too. A survey by Business Wire reveals that over 17% of students with full-time jobs are utilizing online tutor services.

Tutor App Business Models

Teaching over the smartphone does not only assist academia. The smartphones can facilitate a number of tutoring models. Following four models can be highly successful considering their vast potential market size.

Academic Teacher Marketplace

This conceptual model presents a common platform for teachers and students where students can access the tutors of their choice. Like Amazon and Alibaba marketplace platforms, academic marketplace connects service provider with seekers.

Tutor marketplace is becoming a primary choice of entrepreneurs. Latest research indicates that around 13% of Americans used tutor in 2018 for extra coaching besides formal education. Out of this 7.58 % have ages between 18 and 29 years.

Considering the current estimate of the US population, 13% stands around 42 million people. Although most of them are using online tutor apps already, yet users of traditional tutor services are rapidly adopting smartphone apps for the purpose.

Physical Fitness Trainer

Most people are unable to visit physical fitness centers due to strict routines. A significant number of respondents of a survey confirmed that time for workout is one of the crucial players in accepting an employment offer.

A remotely located trainer can have a session with customers through video call over smartphone. Geographical limitations bound physical trainers to a particular region. They keep searching for apps which help them connect with potential clients. Thus, both clients and service providers enable such apps to succeed.

Mentor On-demand

Planning to seek mentorship but failing to find a mentor in one’s area of residence is a common occurring. Every individual on earth requires mentorship. However, a deficit of time and dearth of access to mentors disallow desiring people.

The availability of smartphones in almost every other household in the US and beyond creates an opportunity.
It is notable that the app owners do not have necessarily hire a fulltime mentor. Instead, they only need to provide mentors a platform. For instance, Uber provides drivers a platform to earn.

Exploring Essential and Optional Features

Although there are various business models, yet the structure of app remains same for each model. ODTap offers a platform which can be customized as per business needs. For instance, an entrepreneur aiming to introduce tutor marketplace can rebrand our platform with any name and design.

ODTap offers following features in its software.

Most Relevant In-app Search Result

The app should students to access a tutor through app by filling the fields with appropriate information. Students seeking services of elementary school Mathematics tutor can enter the fields of academic level and subject.

The search results should include tutors’ academic credentials. Tutors’ qualification, areas of expertise, and experience of teaching online are noteworthy indicators for students.

Moreover, tutor skills rating ability is essential to ensure that tutors keep high academic standards.

Personalized Calendar and Appointment Scheduling

Once students choose a teacher after getting search results, they should be able to view tutor’s schedule. A calendar with monthly, weekly, and hourly breakdown of appointments is helpful.

The app should allow students to pick one of the free timeslots in the tutor’s calendar. In response, the tutor can confirm the appointment.

In ODTap platform, these activities at both users’ ends automatically update the calendar by marking the date of appointment. Besides, the software notifies students and tutors before the time of session beginning.

Video and Board for Remote Tutoring

Regardless of efficiency of other features, poor video quality frustrates users. ODTap platform ensures that video remains seamless with highest standards of quality. The number of students can be higher than one. Thus, an option for a conference video call is vital.

Moreover, the app should offer an on-screen board for writing. The student should be able to access history of this board even after the end of the session.

Payment through Smartphone and Feedback

Smart payment facility is one of the cornerstones of on-demand apps like Uber. Students can pay tutors via credit card or through in-app credit. There can be other payment methods too depending on business owners’ vision.
Each of these methods allows users to perform payment activity through smartphone only.

Feedback is another essential feature which enables tutors to eliminate shortcomings. The tutors should also be able to share feedback about students.

On-demand tutor app development

Considering the needs of students and tutors, ODTap software integrates each of the essential and innovative features mentioned above. You can rebrand this software system for your tutor on-demand business instead of developing one from scratch. Contact us today to get going.

    Free Discovery Call to Discuss Your Business Idea

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