Finding a parking spot in a busy area can be hectic, we all want to avoid parking tickets and at the same time we want our cars to be parked at a safe place as well. Considering the rate with which the number of cars and traffic is increasing, finding a parking spot in the future will be an even more difficult task.

It’s in human nature that we look for a feasible solution for our problems and the only way to solve this car parking problem is to handover your car keys to a responsible and professional valet, as there is no other way to solve this problem because the number of cars is increasing day by day, construction of parking plazas is not easy and it is a very slow process, we also can’t leave our cars behind because nowadays having a car has become a necessity more than a luxury.

Now in this situation, if finding a professional valet is the only solution then there has to be bridge between the customers and the valet service providers so that the customer could immediately hire a valet without a problem and the valet drivers to accept the job and arrive at the location where the customer will leave their car.

Technology solved this issue as well and allowed the customers and the valets to connect with each other through mobile applications, and finding a professional valet immediately is really a piece of cake now. We have seen a rapid rise in valet parking system and valet parking software, with many organizations offering professional valet services through their own valet parking service app platform, and some even going for on-demand luxury valet parking software instead of a simple valet parking app. For any luxury valet parking dispatch app solution, the business growth and market competition has only gone up, and shows no way of stopping any time soon. Whereas the workflow of any valet booking software remain consistent.

All the customer has to do is select the date and time and the location where the valet has to arrive and take the car from the customer. The customer simply walks off and hands over the car to the valet, valet then parks the car in one of the secure parking lots, customer can then request to get the car back anytime, anywhere and the valet then drives the car to the customer’s location and gets paid.

A lot of other services are now included in this valet parking service domain, for example the customers can also request to refuel the car, wash the car, park the car overnight at a secure parking lot etc. Some on demand valet parking services platforms charge hourly for these services and some charge a fixed price for each service.

All in all, this industry is big and it’s growing huge. We can judge the potential of this industry by looking at a few on demand valet service startups like LUXE, which raised $25 million till the first quarter of the year 2016 and is seeking a lot more to make this platform even bigger and expand the network. Valet Anywhere, another startup in this domain, closed its seed funding at $1.35 million in 2015 and since then it has been one of the successful platforms along with LUXE.

These platforms give every sense of security to the customer as they offer insurance policies so the customer knows that his/her car is in good hands and won’t be damaged by the professionals and even if something bad happens, the company will pay for it. This allows the customers to trust these on demand valet service providing companies with their most expensive and luxury cars.

To run a successful on demand valet services platform you need to have a strong business model and we at OD TAP, help our clients in finding the best and most appropriate business model which works perfectly in their targeted market, be it an on-demand mechanic app, logistics booking system, or a laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery system. So, wait no more and contact us, we will provide you with the complete solution, which will be developed using the best tools and technologies. You will receive customer and valet driver apps along with a dynamic back-office for the system administrator to manage everything.

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