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Why the On-Demand Services are in High Demand?

On-demand transportation business gives ease to users in booking a ride. It has proved to be successful. Users can book a trip in the last moment with ease. The on-demand economy was earlier restricted to on-demand ride-hailing businesses. According to the present demand, it can be said that the on-demand economy is reshaping the whole world around us.

The regular changes made by the on-demand startups have played a pivotal role in the on-demand industry. Its advantages like accuracy, timely delivery, and cost advantages have made it a preferred choice and a noticeable category in the overpopulated mobile application industry.

Reasons Behind the Rise in Demand


People are generally more interested in services that can conveniently be booked and availed in real-time.

Nearby Service Availability

Users find it attractive to get nearby service availability which is now possible with on-demand solutions. They would not have to leave their space to avail them as they have become easily available.

Cost Efficiency

The on-demand companies provide cost-efficient solutions as all the things are streamlined easily, which saves time, and cost than traditional services.

Easy Payment

On-demand services platform provides the secure mode of payment over the app screen that helps in secure payment within a few clicks.

These four reasons are the main reasons for acting as the driving force of the on-demand economy’s demand. It has given the industry a significant push. Its user-friendliness has changed the consumer behavior largely.

These reasons altogether have produced an economy that is growing towards great heights at a breakneck speed. The industry is seeing the boost regarding new app launches as the demand is increasing with time.

A Look Into the On-Demand Economy

Look at the on-demand marketplace regarding the potential of growth it shows, even when many players already crowd the industry.

Regarding Revenue

On-demand business success trends have now become mainstream with increased revenue count. This growth in revenue is attributed to many factors like ease of users, profit margins, cost-effectiveness, and streamlined business operations. The on-demand industry has appeared as the ideal way to get products and services for the millennials.

The increasing revenue has now become prevalent in the on-demand mobile app startup industry, which can further strengthen the business. According to a PwC report, the on-demand business success regarding the economy profit will reach to $335 Billion in the next 10 years.

Investors’ Point of View

Business models of great on-demand startups such as Uber and Airbnb are receiving fundings from angel investors to get the resources to grow further.

Business Models of on-demand Startups

The market that the on-demand industry has achieved is the same which investors strive to take its share. Previously, there was a significant percentage of investors who were not interested in investing when the uber economy was at initial stages, and they were not sure about its success but they are now prepared to add their share in the industry.

National Technology Readiness Survey showed that the estimated total spending on the on-demand mobile app services would increase 58% more from $48 Billion in 2016 in the coming years, and these are expected to increase with time.

Rockbridge estimated that the number of on-demand mobile app startup consumers would reach 56 Million by the end of 2018 and 93 Million in 2022.

Businesses need to find a reliable on-demand services company to get an app that can effectively streamline your business operations. We offer on-demand white label solution in which features can be added according to your business requirements. If you want an on-demand platform for your business, Contact us today.

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